For those of you fans of Chinese cuisine, it’s a must to visit this restaurant. The Canton – Chinese Cuisine at Mason Pine Hotel can be the only authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant in the western part of Bandung.

Here you can enjoy a variety of Authentic Chinese Food dishes. We ourselves tried several menus, such as Ayam Tanpa Tulang (Boneless Chicken), Tumis Asparagus (Sauteed Asparagus), Homemade Tofu, Hong Kong-style Boiled Beef Shank, Ikan Malas Tumis Cabe ala Bei Feng Tong (Bei Feng Tong Spicy Sauteed Fish), Fried Big Shrimp with special spicy sauce accompanied by fried Mantao, and Winter Melon Soup.

Boneless Chicken

If you’re a fan chicken, the Boneless Chicken is a must-try. It’s a tender chicken fillet, added with a mixture of pickled chili and mango, and comes with sour sambal. The combination that exudes an enjoyable sweet and sour taste. In addition to the chicken menu, the Hong Kong Boiled Beef Shank is also something you may not miss. The meat is carefully prepared to bring a very tender texture and cooked with the restaurant’s signature sour and savory taste. This dish could be one of the reasons for us to come back to the restaurant.

Fried Big Shrimp with special Spicy Sauce

For the Fried Big Shrimp with special Spicy Sauce, you will get a perfectly cooked shrimp with a soft and chewy texture. It is cooked with a sweet and sour sauce which complemented the fresh and savory taste of the shrimp. This dish is also served along with fried Mantao which you can dip into the restaurant’s special sauce. After enjoying the shrimp, we tried the Ikan Malas Tumis Cabe ala Bei Feng Tong which gives a combination of soft and crispy texture with a pleasing savory flavor. The Bei Feng Tong’s chili has definitely complemented this dish with its addicting spiciness. Accompany your meal with the Winter Melon Soup, made of thin chicken and crab slices.

Sauteed Asparagus

Canton – Chinese Cuisine by Mason Pine hotel also provides a vegetarian menu. You can try Sauteed Asparagus which is added XO sauce to add a charming savory taste. Besides that dish, you can also try our favorite menu, Homemade Tofu, boiled tofu with mushrooms and Genko beans. For us, it was the tastiest tofu we’ve ever eaten. The tofu is big, savory, and very soft. After savoring the appetizer and main courses above, we suggest you try the Krim Sagu Mangga Dingin & Es Krim Mangga (Cold Mango Sago Cream with Mango Ice Cream) for a perfect closure.

Canton – Chinese Cuisine by Mason Pine Hotel is a family-friendly restaurant, be it from its menu to the ambiance. The restaurant is also a good place to have a meeting with your colleague as it provides a convenient private room.

Canton – Chinese Cuisine by Mason Pine Hotel
Jl. Raya Parahyangan KM 1.8 Kota Baru, Padalarang, Kab. Bandung Barat
P: (+6222) 6803778