To celebrate World’s Autism Awareness Day that is commemorated every 2nd of April, The Trans Luxury Hotel has collaborated with Creative Business of Difable Community (CidCo) proudly presents Autism Awareness Month with the main topic Embracing Inclusivity. CidCo is an incubator business founded by Dr. Anne Nurfarina, M.Sn together with Art Therapy Centre (ATC) Widyatama alumni’s parents. The main objective of CidCo is for the alumni to keep productive, creative, and producing artworks. Besides, to build financial awareness and exposure of their work to the public. ATC’s alumni which are diffable children’s artworks are including craft, aesthetic elements, merchandise, and design graphic. 

Autism Awareness Month at The Trans Luxury Hotel started with an ‘afternoon chat’ with Dr. Yulianti, S.Psi.i., M.Pd., M.MPD. Psychotherapist and Educational Counsellor at ATC Widyatama and also the founder of Rumah Stimulasi, Puspatriani Agustina from CidCo Bandung, and also Rangga Putra Djajadipura a diffable Graphic Designer. This event will be held in The Lounge, lobby floor of The Trans Luxury Hotel. On the same day, CidCo’s best artworks also exhibited in the lobby area and everyone is welcome to take a look and make a purchase until the 16th of May 2021.

As we entering the holy month of Ramadan, The Trans Luxury Hotel will also be sharing happiness with students and teachers from Rumah Hasanah by doing Iftar together on the 20th of April 2021 and make a visit to Rumah Hasanah which is located in Jalan Cibeunying Kolot V no.18 to do a makeover. Rumah Hasanah was established under Yayasan Sosial Hasanah Mekar Rahmah, a special school providing therapy services for children with special needs especially those whose financially unfortunate.

Let’s participate on Autism Awareness Month by joining the talk show or purchasing the merchandise and creative artworks. Don’t forget to share kindness to others for us having more inclusive, and joyful world!