The former Indonesian Minister of Trade, Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita, called on all elements of the nation to help medical workers who struggle to spend their time and bet their lives in various hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita said the medical staffs are real heroes and superheroes in this pandemic. He expressed her support by providing assistance to medical personnel to many areas, including Bandung, to overcome the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We must support and help those who are in the vanguard of this ‘war’ against the pandemic, namely our medical personnel. We must not only appreciate them but also fully support what we can. They are the real superheroes now,” he said. Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita also cited various sad stories about the death of medical staff because of this new coronavirus, amid their efforts to cure patients. Therefore, they should also be equipped with PPE and other adequate facilities.

The PPE and other assistance were handed over by Iyok Supriatna (General Manager of éL Hotel Royale Bandung) with a team representing Enggartiasto Lukita to dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung and Rumah Sakit Umum Bungsu Bandung. The handover was also witnessed directly by representatives of the Bandung City Health Office, Anhar Hadian, S.KM (Secretary of the Bandung City Health Office), and Dr. Herliani Sudardja (Head of Health Resources of Bandung City Health Office).

This contribution to the handling of Covid-19 was the fifth time given by Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita, together with Sumadi Seng, and Then Herry. What Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita successfully raised included 1.3 million surgical masks, 300,000 KN-95 masks, 40,000 face shields, 60,000 medical safety suits (PPE), and 100,000 sets of medical gloves. In addition, Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita and the Sahati Foundation also prepared 175 thousand units of rapid test equipment and 30 units of ventilators.