If you ever have a day when goreng is not your thing, and you crave some colour and freshness in your diet, you can rely on Greens and Beans to satisfy.


The inspiration of the owner and head chef of Mom’s Bakery, this concept cafe offers organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and even flowers, all either grown on site or sourced locally wherever possible. Since its official opening in January 2018, the owner Fransiska Indriana has split her time between Greens and Beans and her original store not far away. The central location makes Greens and Beans popular from its early opening at 8am to its close at 8pm.

The tranquil garden space at the rear of the cafe is a welcome oasis for city workers, local apartment-dwellers, parents of students from nearby school, older students after school, and those who come from far away because they value a healthy lifestyle. As the quote painted on the garden wall says: “Let’s pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.”

The interior decor is as clean, crisp and colourful as the food on display and featured in the menu. A large, colourful mural of fruits and vegetables brings life to one wall, and the long padded bench seat and movable tables and chairs invite small or large groups to meet for coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner. Before ordering your dish and to help you choose, you can taste the home-made salad dressings, including honey mustard, Thai hot chilli, spicy peanut, and – my two favourites – ginger ponzu, and roasted sesame.

The feature dishes here are the signature salads and warm grain bowls, which are poke bowl dishes – a style that originated in Hawaii and which has become popular all over the world. You will find classic flavours from many parts of the globe: the salads include Caesar, Thai Beef, Oriental, Vietnamese Noodle, Nasi Hainan Chicken, and Gado-Gado, and Fruit Salad. The rice bowls include Nasi Campur Bali Matah, Buddha Bowl, Salmon Teriyaki, and Bim Bim Bap. We had the Oriental Salad, a colourful, crunchy combination of flavours – sour, sweet, umami, with a subtle chilli hit that can be adjusted to taste. We also ordered the Salmon Teriyaki Bowl with brown rice, which did not disappoint, the edamame adding extra texture, complimented by the delicate teriyaki dressing.






Also on the menu are a selection of ‘comfort foods’ such as pizza and burgers, and plenty of open-face sandwich options. The breads and cakes are straight from Mom’s Bakery.

For those who crave specific flavours, there is the option to create a custom salad by selecting items from a handy form, which is passed to the staff who put your selections together, topped off with your choice of dressing.

All of the dishes have been carefully selected to ensure that there is minimal waste as each ingredient may be used in a variety of dishes, with different combinations bringing out flavours in a unique way.

To accompany your meal or cake, you can choose from some very special drinks that are prepared on site, using fresh herbs and flowers from the organic garden. The 5 Spices Lemonade is light and delicate in flavour, not too sweet, and looks almost too good to drink! There is also a roasting room on site, where beans from all over Indonesia are roasted in various ways to bring out flavours to suit all tastes.

To foster a love of healthy eating and organic produce in the younger generation, Greens and Beans offers workshops for kids, allowing them to learn about the growing processes and the origin of fruits and vegetables, and to taste new ingredients and use their favourites in a salad that they make themselves.

Check out their Instagram for upcoming events at @greenandbeans.id or phone them on (022) 4260826.

In the meantime, get yourself down to Greens and Beans for some coffee and santai time, and let us know what are your favourites.