Simple and fresh is what we feel when we enter the Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage lobby area. This hotel is becoming a favorite of many tourists, especially for those from Jakarta. The location that is far from the center of the crowd, the cool air of Dago, and the beautiful city view are all things that can be found in this hotel.

But today we did not come to do a staycation, but to enjoy the scrumptious menu of Swiss-Kitchen Restaurant, the hotel’s best restaurant. The restaurant which is located on the left-wing of the hotel actually comes not too spacious. Yet, it gives such a comfy and cozy ambiance. You can choose to sit inside the restaurant or sit on the terrace to overlooking the views of Bandung.


A variety of menus from Eastern to Western are offered here. First, we tried the place’s signature dish, Sangu Goreng Rempah Koneng or Fried Rice with Yellow Spices. This menu highlights the spices of turmeric as a basic ingredient that only grows in West Java. The cooking process is also quite unique. It starts with mixing rice and turmeric to make it into yellow rice, then frying the yellow rice until the aroma of turmeric is stronger. It is expectedly has a rich and savory flavor. This menu is also served with Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay) and Prawn Balado.

Sangu Goreng Rempah Koneng

The second menu we tried was the Sop Buntut Bakar (Grilled Oxtail Soup) which is the favorite dish in this restaurant. What we like the most from this dish is definitely the broth. The strong aroma and taste of nutmeg are suitable for the breezy air of the Upper Dago Region.

Sop Buntut Bakar