Uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic has made the bride and groom who will be holding a wedding this year worried. However, over time, the city government of Bandung began to allow prospective brides to hold indoor activities with the permission of the relevant agencies. On the other hand, hotels in the city of Bandung must also be prepared in terms of health and cleanliness in carrying out activities in accordance with Mayor Regulation No. 43 July 2020.

Regarding this issue, Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung held a wedding talk show on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, with Mr. Edward Parlindungan S.Sos.MT from the Head of the Tourism Division of the Bandung City Culture and Tourism Office

and dr. Sony Adam SH MM from the Bandung City Health Office as a speaker at this event. This event was broadcast live through the online platform Youtube and Instagram Live at Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung, as well as social media accounts from wedding organizer partners who supported this event. This talk show discussed the procedures for carrying out marriage based on the New Adaptation of Habits (AKB) in Bandung. The information is intended to provide clear directions to the prospective bride and groom, besides showing the readiness of Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung as a venue for weddings based on Mayor Regulation No. 43 July 2020.

In this event, Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung, which is part of the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), also introduced the IHG Clean Promise global campaign to the audience and bride and groom who attended in person. Some of the IHG Clean Promise points implemented by Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung include the use of special dust cloths and chemicals for each different surface, as well as spraying disinfectants with hospitality grade quality for each area to be used. The hotel also changes its serving gear and sanitizes the gloves that are used every 30 minutes in the restaurant area of ​​the Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung.

IHG Clean Promise is one of Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung’s commitments in maintaining the trust of guests who really pay attention to health and cleanliness, as well as providing guaranteed comfort in every activity that will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung. Also supported by the results of an audit conducted by the Bandung City Culture & Tourism Office in the “Recommended” category and in accordance with Mayor Regulation No. 43 July 2020.