Crowne Plaza Bandung offers 2 different all-you-can-eat themes every Friday and Saturday at 18:00 – 22:00 WIB. These two themes are All You Can (M) eat every Friday night and Crazy Asian Buffet every Saturday night which can be enjoyed at Mosaic All Day Dining. Both of these themes can be enjoyed for only IDR 328,000 ++ / person.

On the All You Can (M)eat, all the best meat dishes will be prepared and served fresh, created by the Crowne Plaza Bandung Culinary Team. Special menus that must be enjoyed are Middle East cuisine, Roasted Lamb Tapas, all served in a buffet. Large slices of goat meat grilled with traditional spices are presented at Carving Station, where the Crowne Plaza Bandung chef will stand by to help serve the best pieces to each visitor’s plate. Various authentic sauces will also be served to compliment the pleasure.

On Crazy Asian Buffet on every Saturday night, the buffet menu served will highlight exceptional Asian menus, such as Fried Tengkleng Noodle and Sableng Fried Rice. These two menus are guaranteed never served at other 5-star hotel restaurants in Bandung, can only be found at Crowne Plaza Bandung.

Executive Chef Pardianto explained, “We choose 2 different concepts for the buffets on Friday and Saturday nights because we want to assure visitors that our buffet offerings will be different every week. With a variety of menus that are presented and different themes, there will always be a reason to return to Crowne Plaza Bandung.”

For more information and reservations, you can contact the Reservation Team at +6222 873 20000, WhatsApp +62 821-3030-3381, or visit