Located in Smiley – HARRIS Festival Citylink meeting room, Jl. Peta No. 241, Pasirkoja Bandung, all management from HARRIS & POP! Hotels together with Festival Citylink Mall provide clarification regarding news about using POP! Hotel Festival Citylink as a place for self-isolation.

Mr. Gerri Primacitra, as General Manager of HARRIS & POP! Festival Citylink provides the following statement, “At first we did receive a request from the local government because POP! The Citylink Festival is considered as one of the hotels that implements health protocols well. We also briefly considered opportunities to support the self-isolation hotel program. However, after careful study and consideration of a few things, we decided that at this time we could not run a self-isolation program on POP! Hotel Festival Citylink. Although, we are very grateful for the government’s immense trust. Now we focus on the safety of the people who come to our integrated area by continuing to implement health protocols consistently “

Until now, HARRIS & POP! Festival Citylink still running normal hotel operations and continues to implement strict health protocol standards by relying on government regulations and Ascott Cares international standards. Starting from checking the body temperature of all employees, guests, and vendors, declaration forms that must be filled in during the check-in process, setting safe distances, disinfecting processes in all areas and rooms, hygiene standards for food and beverage products, barcode scanning systems, as well as the provision of several supporting equipment such as sanitation kits, portable hand washing devices and automatic hand sanitizers.

For further information or reservations, please contact 022 – 6128600 or follow Instagram @harriscitylinkbandung. Stay Bright and Stay Healthy!