In commemoration of Bandung City’s anniversary celebration which falls on September 25, 2021, Grand Dafam Braga Bandung will also share the joy with the highlighted theme ‘Customer Be Happy and Be Healthy’.

Grand Dafam Braga Bandung wants to give a form of appreciation to all guests by distributing “Autumn Peak Salad” which is a healthy salad serving by their chefs specifically for guests staying on the 25th September, and for those who looking for a room reservation on September 25, 2021, through the hotel’s official website. In addition, a 21% discount will be given using the code “GDBB211”.

Not only about the joyful celebration, but Grand Dafam Braga Bandung also cares about health. To make it more interesting, they also provide drinks and Bandung’s own healthy drinks like Bajigur and Bandrek which will be prepared in the lobby area. We know that both drinks can also boost immunity and give a warm sensation to the breezy cold Bandung weather.