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Home Decor and Furniture Stores in Bandung

The rapidly growing housing industry in Bandung makes the demand for household furniture also increase. Various furniture shops began to

Top International Schools in Bandung

Besides Jakarta, Bandung has many international schools with excellent curricula for very skilled teachers. With a good reputation and a

7 Tropical Vibes Cafés in Bandung

Bandung never stops being creative and thinking out of the box. The chill weather of Bandung doesn’t stop cafe owners

The Best Suits & Tailors in Bandung

Manners maketh man they say, and we agree. It’s not only how you show your attitudes but how you dress

17 Best Hotels Under 500K in Bandung

Along with its boutique and luxury hotels, Bandung also offers a wide selection of hotels under IDR 500k. These low-cost

7 Best Dining Places Around Lembang

Lembang has always been a place that has its own charms. Due to the perfect natural scenery and cool air,

Recommendation Hidden Bar in Bandung

Just when you think that you’ve visited the hippest bars in Bandung, think twice. You’ll be surprised you’re bound to

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