Choosing the right place to get “inked” is crucial not only for the design of your tattoo but also for hygienic purposes. Here are recommended tattoo parlors in Bandung known for its incredible tattoo artists, designs, and cleanliness.

1. Kent Tattoo Studio

Kent Tattoo Studio has been established since 1989 with a guaranteed standard operating procedure. With advances in technology, this studio tries to always take part in improving its quality. Clients are expected to consult in advance in order to gain further understanding of tattoo art. Because tattoos can have a positive or negative impact on life, the consultation process is carried out directly by Kent, the place’s tattoo artist and owner.

Apartemen Gateway Ground Floor A No. 5 (opposite children pool), Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.669, Padasuka, Bandung
P: +62822-1663-0321
Instagram: kent_tattoo_indonesia

2. Lucky Tattoo

Lucky Tattoo originated from Untung, the owner and tattoo artist, who opened a simple tattoo parlor in Yogyakarta. He then moved to Bandung in the early 2000s and developed his tattoo parlor with far more complete tools. Untung’s tattoo style is inspired by tattoo artists Filip Leu and Paul Wood, such as Fine line, portrait, and oriental. Lucky Tattoo is of course equipped with hygiene and health standards. You can also take a good consultation with him before getting your tattoo.

Jl. Cihampelas No.300-A, Cipaganti, Coblong, Bandung
P: +62817-437-042
Instagram: luckytattoobandung

3. 168 Tattoo Studio and Coffee Shop

168 tattoo not just simplify gives you the best tattoo result but also perfect placement and the right size to make your body piece of art. You are allowed to personalize your body with art at this studio. You can also chill and relax at its coffee shop, known for its best coffee and chocolate drink selections.

Komp. Mekar Wangi, Jl. Mekar Laksana No.21, Mekarwangi, Bandung
P: +62815-7200-8168
Instagram: 168tattooandcoffee

4. Bara Tattoo Studio

Bara Tattoo Studio is a chill and simple tattoo parlor owned by the artist himself, Bara. With high-technology tools and proper hygiene standards, Bara will get you various tattoo art styles. You can also make an appointment with Bara to get your tattoo at your place.

Jl. Cibadak, Gg. Citepus No.4, Bandung
P: +62899-7075-328
Instagram: barayogans

5. Gold Father Tattoo

Gold Father Tattoo is a tattoo and body piercing parlor with the highest quality tattoo and cleanliness. You can get your tattoo art by its professional tattoo artist with friendly service and assistance.

Jl. Surya Sumantri No.49, Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung
P: +62815-7113-881
Instagram: goldfatherink

6. Kimik Tattoo

Kimik Tattoo is known as one of the most popular tattoo parlors in Bandung. The artist will get the tattoo art style you wanted, from lettering to portrait with detailed and high-quality results.

Jl. Dago Asri IV No.4, Dago, Bandung
P: +62878-2220-0925
Instagram: | kimiktattootoday


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