5. Glosis Resto

BBQ Plater at Glosis Resto

Glosis Restaurant is certainly famous for its delicious steak and BBQ Platter. It’s because Glosis Restaurant has been present in Bandung since the 80s. The menu here also develops over time, without leaving the classic taste and their delicious homemade sauces.

Jl. Citarum No.12, Cihapit, Bandung
(022) 87831500

6. Etcetera Steak

ETC Steak

This steakhouse is also one of the old players in Bandung, Etcetera (ETC) Steak has been around since 1999. Since then, ETC Steak has always had a place in the hearts of steak lovers in Bandung to this day. They offer a wide variety of delicious steak and non-steak menus at affordable prices. The restaurant is also comfortable, perfect for eating with family.

Jl. Trunojoyo No.40, Citarum, Bandung
(022) 4265154

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7. Sonoma Gold Rest

The quality of the steak at Sonoma Gold Resto is unquestionable. They use only premium quality steak and the size of the steak here is also fairly large. Besides steak, you can find various dishes here like burgers, hotdogs, pasta, and mouthwatering desserts. As for the place itself, Sonoma Gold Resto has a full-color interior that makes it a perfect spot to snap pictures.

Jl. Lombok No.29, Merdeka, Bandung
(022) 20530987

8. Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit

Holycow Steakhouse by Chef Atit

Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit is the only Holycow in Bandung which is managed by Chef Afit. The place is neat and clean although it’s not too big. The service is also humble and friendly. The meats offered here, although not too big, still have a delicious taste and affordable prices.

Jl. Sultan Tirtayasa No.30, Citarum
(022) 20538542