When the meat craving hits you, where do you go? Here is our recommendation of the best steakhouses in Bandung!

1. Justus Steakhouse

Justus Steakhouse

With eight outlets across the city, Justus Steakhouse is probably one of the most popular steakhouses in Bandung. Yudi Boim, the founder of the business, started out by selling juices and got successful thank to his determination to give the best quality to the customers. You can enjoy prime steaks selection at Justus Steakhouse that made from high quality imported meat. Besides the steaks, the restaurant also offers some Western and Asian favorites including pasta, schnitzel, fish & chip, burger, and sandwiches. Visit Justus Steakhouse at these outlets:  Miko Mall, Festival Citylink, Braga Citywalk, MetroIndahMall, Jl. Cimanuk no 8, Cihampelas Walk, Paskal 23, Paris Van Java

Cimanuk no 8, Bandung
IG: @justussteakhouse

2. Karnivor

Karnivor Bandung

If you called yourself a meat lover, you will have a great time at Karnivor. The rustic restaurant offers many kinds of grilled meat in a big portion. Some of the menus is simply impossible to eat by yourself, so do bring some friends to enjoy the moment together. Some of the favorite and recommended dishes are Monster Platter, Meat Tower, and Monster Sosis. To accompany your food, don’t forget to check out their yummy drinks selection from the menu!

L.R.E Martadinata 127
(Riau 127), Bandung
Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM

3. Tizi’s

Tizi’s Bandung Dago

A family restaurant with a humble and down to earth approach, Tizi’s is a great place to relax and take a break. The dishes they offer are classic European in style and taste homey. What’s more, they use high-quality meats and ingredients. Tizi’s is a semi-outdoor restaurant, and it is a plus point because you can enjoy the fresh air of Bandung while having your meal. Of course, the grass lawn can be a great place for children to play around. The price of this legendary restaurant is also affordable!

Jln. Kidang Pananjung no. 3,
Bandung 40135, Indonesia

Hours: 11 Am – 11 PM

4. Sonoma

Steakhouse – Sonoma

Sonoma is another great family style Steakhouse in Bandung. It serves classic dishes, as well as the modern versions of them in a monstrous portion. This means you will be able to enjoy a 30 cm Monster Big Burger with black buns but can also find the classy finger-licking ribs. The interior is very homey and playful, great for children and special occasions with family. Sonoma has two outlets in Bandung.

Jl. Bengawan 33. Bandung
(Across Taman Super Hero)
Jl. Lombok 29. Bandung
(Across Graha Manggala Siliwangi – at the hook of the Aceh road)

IG: @Sonomaresto

5. Street Grill & Friends

Street Grill & Friends

Just opened in 2017 inside Hotel Grand Tjokro Bandung, Street Grill & Friends has already become a favorite hangout place for many people in Bandung. The restaurant is simple and cozy with plenty of sunlight coming into the interior. Besides the yummy steaks, you can also enjoy many other Western dishes such as sandwiches and fried calamari. The place has a brick oven, so you may want to try their pizza as well. What’s more, Asian and Indonesian dishes are also available on their menu if you are looking for a local taste.

Jl. Cihampelas no. 211-217 Bandung
+62 22 82021220
Hours: 10 AM – 12 AM

6. Dakken


You will have a unique experience at Dakken restaurant because it is located inside a colonial residence building. The vintage atmosphere is paired with a modern touch, and of course, delicious food and drinks. Dakken serves western and Indonesian menus that include choices of steaks. Here, the coffee is also recommended. The outdoor area is also worth a visit, a great place to relax and enjoy the moment. All of them make Dakken one of the best steakhouses in Bandung.

Jl RE Martadinata no 67, Bandung 40114
Mon – Fri & Sun: 11 AM – 10 PM
Sat: 11 AM – 11 PM

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best steakhouses in Bandung! Tell us in the comment section if you have more to recommend!