As living a health-conscious lifestyle slowly becomes priority, shops and restaurants pave the way to provide healthy choices for their main concept and menu. This includes the rise of healthy and organic bread shops that spread across Bandung. These 5 bread shops in Bandung will surely add to your health needs list.

Khas Roti Selai

Khas RotiSelai is a perfect go-to breakfast spot in the morning. Although it has a decent small area, but once you’re nestled in, you will feel comfortable perching here. The healthy and delicious breads, pastries, and even their jams are 100% homemade that crafted from organic ingredients. Aside from the breads and buns, other recommended menu is vegan plant-based menu such as Vegan Horenzo Curry Rice, and their ultimate Apple Pie, Earl Grey Pie, and Canelle.

Jl. Raden Patah No. 12 – Dipatiukur

MOM’s Artisan Bakery

MOM’s Artisan Bakery is a modern bakery shop that aims to encourage good-eating by providing healthier and more natural bakery product. It is the perfect place to find a great quality of wheat bread, sourdough, and gluten free products; even they have some unique creation such as Organic Green Cheese Sourdough and Sourdough Croutons to name a few. The most popular item on the menu is the sandwich that you can create as you please from the bread, fillings, and the sauce. Don’t forget to check on their cake selections that will keep you drooling.

Jl. Progo No. 18

Manna Healthy Bakery

Manna Healthy Bakery is known for its large variety of healthy breads and gluten free cakes. The taste and quality are top-notch and never disappoints. The most recommended is the long Hungarian Bread filled with cashew, almond, and walnut. For those who prefer a little less sweet, you will be pleased with healthier version of their Cranberry Cheese, Almond Babka, Honey and Milk, Hazelnut Choco Roll, Bagel Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, Chocomalt, and Pistachio Kutchen.

Jl. Cihapit No. 33 Bandung


Finally Burgreens opened its door in Bandung. Here, you can indulge your favorite comfort food from burgers, rendang, bibimbap, to vegan boba that are recreated 100% from plants. Whether you are a flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian, rest assured you will find something you love here. We suggest going for their incredibly delicious Mighty Mushroom Burger, Vegan Rendang Burger, and Mini Trio. Other highlights are Meatless Bolognese Pasta, Kale N’ Bean Lasagna, Burgreens Beefless Steak, Vegan Soto, Vegan Bakso, and their divers smoothie bowls menu are also tempting.

Jl. Cimanuk No. 6

Ant Artisan Bakery & Coffee

Ant Artisan Bakery & Coffee is a hip, yet cozy bakery that serves up various delicious breads, bagels, canelle, and many more. Even the bread has a series of collections that you should try such as Fruit Bread and Murbei Bread. Meanwhile, croffle enthusiasts should be rejoicing for their newly Whole Wheat Croffle in Bandung. Other than breads, you can enjoy their other menu like salad, coffee, and their specials like Gluten Free Laksa Vermicelli, Gluten Free Fried Vercimelli, and Gluen Free Rice Noodle with Beef Broth.

Jl. Maskumambang No. 33 Bandung – Buah Batu


Bake.It.Healthy specializes in gluten-dairy free Cookies and Banana Oatmeal Bread that are suitable for those on the strictest diets but still wanted to crave some sweet snacks. Their Guilty Free Cookies will surely appeal to audience of all ages; meanwhile the Banana Oatmeal Bread will sure delight your tastebuds. Aside from bread and cookies, their Gluten Free Crispy Brownie and Signature Choco are also worth to try.

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