If organic shops are already a trend in western countries, it is growing in Indonesia as well. More and more people are concerned about the quality of the products they purchase. “Organic” merchandises are more than fruits and vegetables, it includes everything from soap to clothing. That means that whether you are in search of facial cream or food for your pet, you can find organic products that meet the needs of everyone in your household.

The market is still new and growing in Bandung, but you can already find some of the best items in the city. Organic producers and shops understand and respect the importance of a healthy, balanced ecosystem. That is why nature shop owners in Bandung serve their customers with great care and for the well-being of the Earth’s inhabitants.

1. Merari Studio Flower and Tea shop

Merari studio is the first flower and organic tea shop located inside an Indonesian traditional market, Pasar Cihapit. The purpose of the shop is to provide an oasis of nature and peace in the middle of a traditional market for people to relax, enjoy music from vinyl, and drink organic tea while sharing their stories of life. Freshly opened, Tasya Merari the founder of Merari studio is going to make a routine program every month such as poetry nights, book discussions and art markets. 

Jl. Cihapit, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
7 am- 9 pm (Every day except Sunday)

2. Mom’s Bakery

Mom’s bakery is definitely one of the most famous and must-try bakeries in Bandung. The concept behind every cake, bread or sandwich is to provide the best organic ingredients for a healthy and delicious taste. Innovative and creative, Mom’s Bakery has plenty of pastries to offer, natural croissants, or fresh whole wheat bread.  In addition to the bakery, Mom’s has a salad restaurant in Jalan Bahureksa, Greens and Beans

Jl. Progo No.18, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
Operational Hours: 7 am- 7 pm (Mon-Sat) | 8 am- 5 pm (Sunday)

3. Pusat Organik

Another great Organic products shop is 2 minutes walk from Alun-Alun, Pusat Organik. The store sells various range of green and fair-trade products such as noodles, muesli or seeds. You can also shop online via their page on Tokopedia.

Jl. Lengkong Kecil No.69 A, Paledang, Lengkong, Bandung
9 am- 6 pm (Mon-Sat | Sunday closed)

4. Tazza di Naturale

Tazza di Naturale, “a cup of nature” in Italian, has a powerful slogan to offer to its customers: “Let’s make a better world”! Ethical business is the motto of this shop located in Jalan Bungur, and you can fully trust the quality of their products because every time they get new supplies, they ask themselves: Where does this product come from? Who made it? And what is the impact of it? The shop has a massive selection, ranging from organic rice, gluten-free flours, palm sugars, sea salts, soap and skincare products, teas, just to name a few. Don’t wait to get your shot of natural products! The shop is inside Down to Earth restaurant.

Jl. Bungur No.23, Cipedes, Sukajadi, Bandung
8 am- 8 pm (Every day except Monday)

5. Toko Organic

This family shop was inspired by two sisters who originally wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, they then decided to open their own place where people would be able to find high-quality organic products. The shop has now grown to become one of the best places in the city, offering more than 3000 articles from 200 local brands. Toko Organic is also really involved in the community and holds several events about a healthy lifestyle or education. Check their website to join or shop online.

Jl. Cimanuk No.6, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
9 am- 8 pm (Sun-Sat)

6. Warung 1000 Kebun

Warung 1000 Kebun is not only an organic grocery store but a community. They work with farmers all around Bandung. Everything you would buy from them is guaranteed to be local. If the store itself is located in the eastern part of the city, they do weekly delivery to provide you the best local fruits and vegetables into your kitchen.

Jl. Boling, Jl. Arcamanik Endah No.26, Bandung
8 am- 5 pm (Sun-Sat)

By: William Kohler