1. Tivaza Skin Specialist Clinic

The doctors at Tivaza Skin Specialist Clinic are all specialists with various scientific backgrounds, some have doctoral degrees and are consultants in their respective fields, so the motto: “Our knowledge is dedicated for your health and beauty”, makes Tivaza Skin Specialist Clinic the only skin and beauty clinic that provides the most complete aesthetic in Bandung, both in terms of doctors and medical and non-medical facilities. However, not only in the aesthetic field, but Tivaza Skin Specialist Clinic is also concerned about skin-genital health, reconstruction, dental health, and nutrition.

Jl. Dr. Rajiman No. 16, Bandung
P: (022) 4232904

2. NMW Skin Care Kopo

NMW is an Aesthetic, Skincare, Dermatology, and Wellness Clinic brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name NMW Skin Care comes from the company’s founder Dr. Nataliani Mawardi – with the word Mawar signifying and representing “Rose” which is universally equated with beauty and elegance, two core values that NMW proudly stands for and represents by its customers in Indonesia. Some of their Dermatology and Medspa Treatments include Facial Treatments, Skin Troubleshooting products, Micro Needles, Laser Therapy Treatments, Therapeutic Treatments for Acne & Wrinkles, and other non-surgical treatments.

Jl. Taman Kopo Indah 3 Ruko D No. 53
P: 0811-9903-299

3. Iona Clinic Wellness and Beauty Sanctuary

This beauty clinic has just opened a new clinic in the Sukajadi area of Bandung. Having a neat place, qualified doctors, and modern facilities, Iona Clinic provides various facial care services such as Calming & Healing Facial, Acne Healing Facial, Skin Nourishment Therapy, and others. In addition to facial treatments, Iona Clinic also offers Wax and Spa treatments.

Jl. Sukajadi No. 199, Bandung
P: 0813-8103-8899

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4. Alluderma Skin & Aesthetic Clinic

Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinics in Jakarta

The place highlights comfort for its customers while also giving the best and complete beauty treatments. The services provided here include Venus Freeze, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, gold facial, mesotherapy, BOTOX, and more. All the treatments are supported by certified doctors, high technology, in a comfortable place.

Jl. Pajajaran No.75, Pasirkaliki, Cicendo, Arjuna, Cicendo, Bandung
8 am – 8 pm (Mon-Sat) | Sunday closed
(+6222) 6015166
Instagram: alluderma

5. Dermies

Dermies highlights its three main treatment concepts, Purify, Revitalize, and Protect. The Purify treatment will clean the skin far deeper than regular wash, unclogging the clogged pores. Meanwhile, the Revitalize treatment will preserve youthful and healthy skin constantly, preventing any future skin problems. Then, Protect treatment will effectively keep your youthful skin healthy in any environment. Dermies also provides its beauty treatment.

Festival Citylink Lantai Dasar (GF), Jl. Peta No.241, Bandung
10 am – 10 pm