Bandung is a city where the citizens are passionately welcome new things, especially anything related to creativity and innovation. No wonder Bandung now has places to realize so many creative ideas which come from its people, including coworking space. Spaces where young entrepreneurs or startup companies have a decent and proper place to develop their creative minds as well as its business. Here are 8 coworking spaces in Bandung with excellent services and innovation opportunities.

1. Bandung Digital Valley (BDV) Telkom

best coworking spaces in bandung

BDV is a bridge between technopreneur/application developer and market or industry as an absorbent and user of the application. BDV positions itself as a resource pool for nodes that can openly be part of or get access rights to various applications that are ready to be developed. This hub and resource pool will be associated with incubators or creative centers, communities, funding sources, and other supporting facilities

Menara Bandung Digital Valley, Jl. Gegerkalong Hilir No.47, Sukarasa, Sukasari, Bandung
P:  (+6222) 4572380

2. CO & CO

best coworking spaces in bandung

The place’s mission is to create a space, where freelancers, travelers, entrepreneurs, professionals, digital nomads, creators, innovators, students, and creative communities can work together, meet up, share experiences and get things done. Nurture a warm and embracing environment to build social and professional networks. As well as collaborative opportunities, where able to make a positive socio-economical impact to local, regional and international communities. Co & Co also helps create businesses and opening doors to quality mentorships, consultations, channels, access to capital and connect with corporations and related government bodies.

Jl. Dipati Ukur No.5, Lebakgede, Coblong, Bandung

CO & CO Workshare
Jl. Cipaganti 138, Bandung

3. Digital Innovation Lounge (DILo)

best coworking spaces in bandung

Digital Innovation Lounge (DILo) is a creative camp initiated by Telkom Indonesia and MIKTI which was formed in 2014. DILo itself was formed to create, grow and improve the quality and quantity of digital seeds, as well as to support the empowerment of communities.

Gedung Balemotekar, Jl. Banda No.40, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
P: (+6222) 20530964

4. Eduplex

best coworking spaces in bandung

To be the largest ecosystem for individuals and companies to start and grow their businesses in Indonesia. The place’s main focuses are:
– Building an ecosystem that helps to connect individuals and/or company in creating the opportunity for collaboration
– Establishing a space and media for learning to improve the quality of life and business of its members
– Presenting an excellent business ecosystem with the spirit of economic sharing which also socially impact the society

Jl. Djuanda No.84, Lebak Gede, Coblong, Bandung
P: (+6222) 253 4431

5. Ruangreka

best coworking spaces in bandung

More than just the best place to work, though, this is a collaborative movement. Ruangreka believes that an entrepreneur can help each other and offices can use the comforts of home. Creating spaces to help entrepreneurs to run their business. So, they can focus to grow their team and business.

Jl. Raden Patah No.28, Lebakgede, Coblong, Bandung
P: (+6222) 2511895

6. Work@

Located strategically in the heart of Indonesia’s creative city, Bandung. Work@ Coworking & Office space is a great place to work for creative professional, startup founders & SME owners.

Jl. Tubagus Ismail XV No.14A, Sekeloa, Coblong, Bandung
P: (+6222) 2511213

7. Workspace 53

best coworking spaces in bandung

It’s a coworking space in Bandung with internet access, free flow drinks, and business networks connected through business incubators. Here, you can get a dedicated desk for working team, convenient air-conditioning, complimentary coffee or tea, and discounted rates on meeting room use.

Jl. Naripan No.53, Kb. Pisang, Sumur Bandung, Bandung
P: (+6222) 20522288

8. Freenovation

best coworking spaces in bandung

Offers a collaborative space with better business impact. Design in a comfortable modern-minimalist concept and equipped with high-quality services. The place is often used for workshop or talk show events.

Jl. Kp. Padi, Dago, Coblong, Bandung
P:  +62821-2000-4650
IG: freenovation

9. Point Lab Coworking Space

Point Lab is a modern co-working space which provides office and study spaces. Coming with a modern-minimalist concept with a touch of vibrant color, Point Lab aims to help young entrepreneurs or startup companies to develop their business or creative ideas. The place also provides a rest area with entertainments such as board games.

Jl. Banda No.30, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
P: 0896-8872-8861
IG: grahaposindo