Lembang may be home to some hot spring resorts, floating market, lakeside parks, and many tourism spots. The unbeatable view of mountainous area, picturesque scenery, and a great cool weather all year long make Lembang becomes the top holiday destination in Bandung. Clutching coffee and gazing to the scenery sound to be a perfect choice to spend days here. Discover the best coffee shops in Lembang to get your caffeine fix with our list below. 

1. Kopi Ladang

Bringing the traditional vibes, this coffee shop is very iconic with its Joglo house. In addition, Kopi Ladang also has a large outdoor area filled with various plants that is so invigorating. For those who bring a car, don’t worry because the parking area is spacious. Stop by and it’s sure to be a good day as they offer a wide variety of menu.

Jl. Maribaya No. 48 Lembang

2. Kaki Bukit Coffee & Yard

Kaki Bukit houses in a humble house that has a sprawling front terrace with gravel flooring that will be comfy place to chill and sip a coffee. Usually packed in the morning and during golden hours by riders and bikers, Kaki Bukit’s specialty includes Es Kusuma, Ice Latte, Iced Mochaccino, Espresso, and Cappuccino.

Jl. Maribaya No. 68 Lembang

3. Imah Kopi Croissanterie

If you want to have coffee while enjoying a freshly baked aroma of bread with luscious planters and a sound of splashing water from the pond, Imah Kopi Croissanterie can be the right choice. The cool homey place that has a good range of coffee, in addition to coffee, there are also various kinds of bakery and viennoiseries, ranging from croissants, pain au chocolat, to the newly added croffles. They also sell a variety of a la carte menus that you can order. 

Jl. Maribaya No. 3 Lembang

4. En Kopp Fika

This coffee shop is probably the only coffee shop located in the central area of Lembang. En Kopp Fika has an industrial-themed cafe design and is guaranteed to make you perch for a long time here. Besides coffee, here you can enjoy dimsum, surabi, and various other snacks.

Jl. Grand Hotel No. 36 Lembang