Burgers in Indonesia are no longer limited to fast-food outlets such as Burger King and McDonald’s. The burger culture has evolved into numerous home-grown establishments with excellent creations. Bandung has plenty of options where burgers are a great mix of local tastes and international flavors. These places are often packed with burger aficionados, students or hipsters looking for a tasty feed, as well as travelers to Bandung who just miss the taste of a good burger. From awesome beef burgers with mushrooms and cheese to juicy chicken patties sandwiched between black buns, here are some of the best places for burgers in Bandung.


Without a doubt one of the best burger place in Bandung! Welcome to an original burger food truck! They offer a good choice of great burgers at Brother Jonn, and each burger is the perfect combination of great quality meat and the best toppings combined. Their iconic burgers are close to perfection in terms of juiciness and taste, whilst the strips of bacon and the melted slice of cheddar cheese intensify both the flavor and the calorie count. And to top it off, go for the mix of French fries, with spicy sambal sauce dip. It can’t get better than that.

Address: Jl. Ciumbuleuit No.107, Bandung
IG: brother_jonn

2. Got Beef Burger

If you ever are around the Siliwangi area by Jalan Riau and you feel like having one of the best burgers in Bandung then you need to head over to Got Beef Burger. With a minimalist design, fancy sauces and crazy toppings, which make Got Beef such an amazing burger location! The use of only the best meats, a fantastic burger bun and grilled to perfection, it is just this combination that makes Got Beef one of the best burgers we ever had in our city. On top of the great burgers, Got Beef also offers fantastic potato fries and a big variety of sauces.

Address: Jl. Menado No.37 (close to Siliwangi)
IG: gotbeef.id


You must try this Texas-style burger! Using premium meat that is juicy and smoky, their meat comes from Le Savoye Grill which is very famous for its premium quality of meat. Its large size, delicious taste, and a good mix of sauces, make burgers at Smogger are so irresistible. For starters, we recommend ordering the best seller menu, Mizpatty.

Address: Jl. Ciliwung No. 1 – 3, Bandung
IG: smogger.id

4. BBQ Mountain Boys Burger

Starting from a Youtube series about how to cook the perfect barbecue, BBQ Mountain Boys has finally opened their first burger joint in Bandung. BBQ Mountain Burger adds to the line of burger restaurants that have recently sprung up in Bandung. Here you can enjoy a variety of their signature burgers such as BMB Classic Burger, BMB Cabin Style Burger, BMB Double Cheese Burger, and BMB Chicken Burger. Besides the burger menu, BMB also offers a delicious choices of Chicken Wings in their menu.

Address: The Tripark, Paskal Hyper Square
IG: bbqmountainboys_burger

5. GuzzBun

Here comes the Burger resto in Bandung which is known as the “Indonesian Shake Shack”. It is no doubt that GuzzBun is acclaimed to be like that famous burger joint since they have the most delicious burgers with fresh made patties and burger buns. Some of the menus that you must try here are the Double Cheese, Chicken Miso Katsu and Beef Yakiniku.

Address: Paris Van Java, Resort Level Unit 58
IG: guzzbun

6. The Gourmet BurgeR CLUB

Here is a burger restaurant in Bandung that was viral on TikTok. It’s not strange why they can go viral, The Gourmet Burger has a really delicious burgers menu. The patty is fresh because it is made from the back, the meat is thick and juicy, and the seasoning is delicious. One thing that is unique about this burger restaurant is that they have a menu package called the Picnic Hampers Burger. It’s really exciting to be able to eat delicious burgers at home with your loved ones.

Address: Jl. Ranggamalela No. 8 Bandung
IG: thegourmetburgerclub