A few years ago no-one had even heard of a board game cafe. Now they are popping up all over Indonesia and in Bandung as well. And by the way, if you think that board games are only for children: sorry, but not anymore! Board games are on a roll and thousands of games are published every year, targeting now an adult audience more often than kids’ ones. 

Board game cafes are fantastic places where people can go to try out new games, meet other gamers and have fun with their friends. Don’t know how to play? Every game cafe in Bandung has game masters to teach you the rules or to join the party. Most board game shops are offering drinks and snacks and hosting regular gaming events too.

1. Dots Board Game Cafe

You want to have fun with your friends with something new after a shopping session or a movie at the theatre, or maybe you are already a board game expert but you are on a budget and perhaps you lack space to stock games … well don’t worry, imagine a place with hundreds of board games entirely available! This is no dream, this place does exist in the Paskal Square Mall area! Dots’ Board Game café library consists of over 320 games. Surely one of the best places for fun in the city. Dots café hosts game tournaments and events regularly (check their Instagram to be updated). The design of the café is awesome and game friendly. They charge only IDR30,000 on weekdays, & Rp35,000 on weekends for an all-day-pass. They offer a wide selection of food & beverages at an affordable price too. They serve high-quality coffee that is prepared by their talented baristas.

Open: Everyday 11 am – 11 pm (closed on Tuesday)
Location: Ruko Paskal Hyper Square Blok F41 – F42, Bandung
P: +62812-2048-3630
IG: dotsnation

2. Monomyth

Monomyth was the first to bring the Board Game Cafe experience to Bandung. The cafe was born out of a passion project from a board game hobbyist who’s collected hundreds of games during his high school and college years in Canada. During his study years, he frequented the local board game cafe and stores there. After he came back to Indonesia, he shipped all of his collection back to Indonesia and immediately learned the crafts of coffee making. 2 years after Monomyth was born. When Monomyth opened its door to the public, it carried a curated collection of 200 board games. Now the collection has easily surpassed 500 titles and recognized to have one of the largest strategic game collections in Indonesia.

A board game café isn’t complete without providing good food and beverage on the side. One of the unique things about Monomyth is that the menu is varied allowing the visitors to take a break from the current food trends in Bandung. The menu is created from the owner’s experience visiting different countries. Coffee is sourced from a local roaster allowing creative freedom in designing our own Espresso blend. Monomyth Board Game Cafe aims to spread the board gaming culture among the Bandung youths, workers, and families as a viable option of spending time together with their peers.

Open: Every day 11 am to 10 pm (closed on Thursday)
Location: Istana Pasteur Regency, Jl. Sukaraja No.17 – 18, Bandung
P: +62878-7980-9667
IG: monomyth

3. MWS Game Café

MishraWorkShop is located around the Setrasari area, MWS is another great place to play a game in Bandung. Game masters will be pleased to help you and friendly members can play with you. Many players there are keen on card games and strategy games. Food is also available. Give it a try!

Open: Every day 9 am to 9 pm (closed Monday afternoon)
Location: Jl. Setrasari III No.2B, Bandung
P: +628112343994

4. Nakama

“Nakama Café and Board games” is one of many concept cafés available in Bandung, where you can enjoy the experience of playing a lot of board games while you are having your food and/or coffee. Nowadays, we often gather with our group/family at the same place, however, we are lacking ‘real’ social interaction with them since we usually busy with our own phone or social media. Here, in their board game concept café, they assure you that you can and will forget the attachment to your gadget and will have full quality and fun time with your group.

As one of their visions is to help reduce gadget addiction for all ages, they featured around 200 different board games that can be played together with your friends, family, or kids. They are not only ordinary games since they will give learning curve on motoric skills for kids, public speaking and discussion with others, deduction skills, how to strategically plan your steps/business, and many more while you are playing the games.

As for the food and beverages, they serve a wide variety of rice bowls with the fusion of Indonesian, Japanese, and Chinese tastes. They also serve light bites, coffee, healthy fresh juice, and some desserts. Their most favorite rice bowl menu is Nasi Ayam Sambal Matah (chicken rice bowl served with authentic Balinese spice and chili) and Nasi Wagyu Beef Butter Sauce (wagyu beef rice bowl served with corns and butter).

The concept and name of Nakama itself are adapted from best selling comic books in Japan called One Piece, which means a very good friend that one considers like family, even they are not necessarily related. Join and meet your new family friends.

Open: Mon-Thursday 8am to 10pm / Fri 8am to 11pm / Sat & Sun 10am to 11pm
Location: Jalan Indraprahasta Timur no.1A, inside the Singgasana Pradana Residence, Cibaduyut, Bandung
P: +62853-1784-1748
IG: Nakama

5. The Maple Board Game Cafe

Established in Nov 2019, The Maple Board Game Cafe claimed to be the largest board game cafe in Bandung, which capacity can hold up to 150 seats. More than 100+ board game collections from party games, euro, and heavy games can be played by various ages start from 4 years old. The Maple has unique tables that they built especially for board game uses. The price for daily pass starts from IDR 10k/person up to 30k/person. Food & beverages provided start from IDR 20k

Open: Tue-Fri 11am to 9pm / Sat & Sun 11am to 11pm / Closed on Monday
Location: Kopo Mas Regency, A-3, Margasuka, Bandung
P: +62895-3684-90108
IG: TheMaple

By: William Kohler