Every weekend, tourists from neighboring cities and even countries flock to shop at the countless factory outlets in Bandung, which you can find in just every corner of the city.

Although there are four recommended areas in Bandung for visit worthy factory outlets: Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Dago District and Cihampelas Area. Here are our favorites!


1. Rumah Mode
This factory outlet knows how to make itself a real destination. Not only it has the biggest shopping area, but it also has other supporting facilities like food area, kids section, and even a simple spa corner!

Jl. Setiabudhi 41F, Bandung
Phone: (022) 203-5498


2. The Secret
A factory outlet located in one of the most popular ‘factory outlet street’ of Bandung, on jalan Riau. Has quite good selections of branded factory reject items.

Jl. L.L.R.E Jalan Martadinata (Jl. RIau) No. 47, Bandung
Phone: +62 22 4260818


3. Heritage
Heritage is one of the first factory outlets in Bandung, occupying a beautiful old building that was built in the 1800s, still located in Jl. Riau area. They now have several other branches in Jakarta, but none has the ambiance and selection like this main store.

Jl. Riau No. 63, Bandung
Phone: (022) 4220545


4. Victoria
One of our most favourite places in Bandung to take a long walk is Dago area, which also happens to have lots of shopping spots. One of which is Victoria factory outlet, that has quite the selection of items for both men and women.

Jln. Ir H juanda no 111 Bandung (Dago)


5. House of Donatello
Still from Jalan Dago, House of Donatello is the place to go if you’re looking for leather good, including shoes, purses, jackets, etc for both sexes.

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 104

6. The Summit

Owned by the same people that owns The Secret, The Summit is also located in Jl. Riau. Not for from there, The Summit also runs an affordable guest house, just in case you want to be closer to where you shop!

Jl. L. L. RE.Martadinata No.61, Bandung
Phone: 0851-0174-7652
Hours: 9AM–9PM


7. Blossom
Still from Dago area, Blossom is a one stop shopping destination for the whole family. Get fashion items from head to toe, all with an affordable price.

Jl. IR.H.Djuanda No. 112
Phone: 022 – 250 3822