This September, we’re back with a list of Bandung new tables with new coffee joints and other exciting hang out places included.

Dasa Muka Coffee Brewing Space

The place only serves manually brewed coffees made by baristas who are happened to unemployed. Every week, Dasa Muka will choose 2 baristas to fill the slot for 6 days (Tuesday-Sunday). Every weekend, this coffee shop also presents pop-ups that share various materials about manual brewing.

Jl.Halmahera No.4, Bandung
IG: dasamuka.bdg


Mahidana comes from the Sanskrit language which means “giving of the land” and precisely represents jamu which has long been the embodiment of Indonesia’s natural wealth, cultural viscosity, and local wisdom. Departing from the thought that jamu has become Indonesian culture, Mahidana is here to be able to relieve the longing for jamu in everyday life, as well as for those who want to get to know about it. You are also invited to try the jamu served by Mahadina’s trained concoctions with different compounding, resulting in a wide selection of jamu.

Ruang 8, Jl. Ranggamalela 8, Bandung
IG: mahidanajamu

Kop! Transit

If you like to hang out at 23 Paskal, get excited as there is a new coffee shop in the area, Kop! Transit at YELLO Paskal Bandung. This YELLO-style and vibrant coffee shop offers a wide variety of good coffee and food that you can enjoy. The ambiance is also perfect for a fun gathering with friends, casual hang out, or relaxing after walking around the mall.

YELLO Hotel Paskal – Bandung
Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 25 Bandung
P: (+6222) 20571999
IG: @yellopaskal

Kedai Kopi Papski

Kedai Kopi Papski is a humble and cozy coffee joint in Bandung, offers a good-quality coffee selection. With its warm and relaxing ambiance, this place is perfect for after-work visits or casual meet-ups with friends.

Jl. Maskumambang No.9, Turangga, Bandung
P: +62822-1672-1847
IG: kedaipapski
FB: Kedai Kopi Papski


Akademi Kopi Bandung presents a new coffee joint, Ruangskala. Offers good-quality coffee selection, this place is also unpretentious and comfortable enough for a small gathering with friends or family.

Jl. Belitung No.14, Merdeka, Bandung
P: +62899-1773-602
IG: ruangskalakopi

Iroiro Cafe

Coming with an aesthetic and minimalist interior concept, Iroiro offers a Japanese menu at affordable prices. Despite its minimalist space, the cafe is comfortable enough for small gatherings or hangouts.

Jl. Taman Kopo Indah 2 No.68, Rahayu, Bandung
P: +62822-1010-3439

Mercusuar Cafe & Resto

Mercusuar Cafe & Resto is located at the hill of Bandung City with the iconic Medieval Age Castle, Ship, and Famous Lighthouse. It serves traditional Indonesian, Western, and other tastes of the world.

Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur 2 No.7, Ciburial, Bandung
P: +62823-1112-2050
IG: mercusuarcafe

Kopi Mandja

Kopi Mandja is a local coffee shop that serves a variety of siganture coffee and small bites. Its small yet trendy setting is what attracts a lot of Bandung citizens.

Jl. LLRE Martadinata, Cihapit, Bandung
P: +62878-2228-7387
IG: kopimandja