The month of Ramadan is truly a month full of blessings. Especially for those of you who like to eat and like to hang oIn this year’s Eid atmosphere, various new cafes have also sprung up in Bandung. Even though it is dominated by coffee shops, each coffee shop has its own uniqueness which is guaranteed a different atmosphere and experience to hang out. Here’s our list of the new dining spots you must visit in Bandung this month.


If you are a lover of Yakitori and Donburi. This one place can be heaven for you. Carrying the slogan # 1 Modern PERSEGI is a perfect place to have an afternoon coffee while enjoying the sweeping view of the Pasupati Bridge. The open space area is quite wide, perfect for hanging out with friends. The atmosphere is cooler at night and the lights that illuminate the body of the bridge make the scenery even more beautiful.

Jl. Cihampelas No. 144, Bandung

2. Tuju

This coffee shop has a fairly hidden location because it is behind a clothing boutique in the Ambon street area. Even so, Tuju is almost packed every time. It has a unique interior design with a modern mid-century style that can be seen from the curve of the building and the glass walls. Although the area is not too large, Tuju has a cool vibe to be a hangout place.

Jl. Ambon No. 14, Bandung

3. Kawan Kopi 2.0

Photo by kopisurgawi

Occupies an old building that has been converted into a coffee shop, Kawan Kopi 2.0 has a homey atmosphere and is guaranteed to make you linger comfortably. The outdoor area is also very luscious because it has a lot of plants. Although the actual construction process has not been completely finished, this place is still comfortable to visit.

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 30, Bandung

4. Kinokimi Backyard

Photo by nesyaadenisaa

Kinokimi has finally opened a new outlet in the Buah Batu area. The concept is like a backyard because its position is in the backyard of a workshop. It is no wonder, this coffee shop has a very homey and calming atmosphere. The color coordination used here makes the atmosphere calm and relaxing.

Jl. Buah Batu No. 132, Bandung

5. Eskalasi Space

Photo by aa_fotokopi

Located in the middle of a residential area, Escalation Space has a calm and quiet atmosphere. In this new installment, they only have fairly large semi-outdoor and outdoor areas. It’s really suitable for those of you who want to unwind from the bustling day.

Jl. Cijagra 1b No. 8, Bandung