This time we not only invite you to chill at the coffee shop, but also get a new dining experience at the creative lounge. Check out these new places in Bandung.

1. The Island

One stop place might as well be said about The Island, Bandung. Consisting of Banabee Foodcourt which offers Indonesian food such as nasi gudeg, nasi ayam geprek, chicken satay, and snacks such as toast. Then there is the Moes Coffee Shop which serves a variety of coffee and tea drinks with various toppings, to fruit smoothies. While enjoying the dish, the playground is available for children to play.

The Island
Jl. Sukajadi No 5, Sukajadi
Telp: 0899-4570-838
Hours: Sun-Sat 10am – 10pm
IG: @theisland.bdg

2. The Hachi Grill


For Japanese cuisine lovers, The Hachi Grill in Bandung could be the right choice. This restaurant offers you Halal Yakiniku and Shabu-Shabu as their main menu. Both menus is started at Rp 148.000 (All You Can Eat). You can enjoy both yakiniku and shabu-shabu on the same table, at the same time.

The Hachi Grill
Jl. Prof. Dr. Sutami No 56
Telp: 0813-1000-6057
Hours: Tue-Sun 10am-10pm
IG: @thehachigrill

3. Coffee Toffee

Lifting the vintage concept and back to nature, the Coffee Toffee coffee shop is located in the Surapati area. Guests can choose to sit on the sofa or chair when visiting this coffee shop. There is an open bar where guests can watch the barista makes various coffee drinks. Famous for its good quality coffee, Coffee Toffee offers a variety of processed coffee ranging from cappuccino, coffee blended to cream coffee with avocados or almonds.

Coffee Toffee
Jl. Surapati No 37, Gasibu
Telp: 0813-2150-0687
08.00 am – 00.00 pm (Sun – Thu), 08.00 am – 02.00 am (Fri – Sat)

IG: @coffeetoffeegasibu

4. La Fee

Raising the tagline “Bring The New Experience”, La Fee restaurant serves the modified Asian and Western menus. One of the signature menus that is a must-try is Jengkol Pasta with secret ingredients. Not only provides main courses, La Fee also has a bar that offers various drinks such as Long Island. Perfect for family lunch and hangout at the bar & lounge at night. Designed with classic European style and interior, this place gives the impression of elegance and comfort.

La Fee
Jl. Ir. H Djuanda No. 106
IG: @lafeebdg

5. Cap Roti Buaya “Yahud Rasanya”

A coffee shop that serves a variety of coffee drinks and signature snacks namely crocodile bread. This Betawi bread is served like a small crocodile so it is easy to eat. Like crocodile bread that is identical to its old school style, this coffee shop raises the vintage concept. A crocodile bread and ice milk coffee can be enjoyed with only Rp 30.000.

Cap Roti Buaya
Jl. Progo No 1
IG: @caprotibuaya

6. Co. Choc

A modern-style outlet dominated by white and brown, offering a variety of chocolate drinks such as ice chocolate, chocolate-strawberry ice and others. Besides chocolate, you can enjoy another drink like a green tea latte. Friendly prices, you can enjoy this drink starting at Rp 15.000. Suitable for relaxing with friends or loved ones.

Jl. Terusan Jakarta No 228
IG: @co.choc

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