This month, Bandung has received a variety of new cafes and restaurants for you, food lovers. As one of the food capitals in Indonesia, Bandung boasts an abundance of new dining spots to visit. From a hidden coffee shop to a botanical garden-themed cafe, here’s the list of the new tables this month.


More and more coffee shops in the alley are popping up. Recently, there is ABDUL who will give you that unique experience. Upon stepping in, it will feel like visiting a friend’s humble house. This is because ABDUL wants to prioritize interaction between people. The bar table is also spacious to make it comfortable to interact with.

Ciliwung Dalam No. 1, Bandung

2. Ramen Ryu Sukajadi

Photo by kopisurgawi

Ramen, which was once a hit in the East Bandung area, is now available in the Sukajadi area. The pace exudes with Japanese-style interior design in the dine-in area. In this new place, Ramen Ryu also launched a new must-try menu, Flying Crispy Ramen which looks like a floating ramen. This mouthwatering new menu is served with a choice of broths like Original, Spicy, Curry, Shoyu, and Tantan.

Jl. Karangsari No. 9, Sukajadi, Bandung

3. The Pleasant Service

This coffee shop has a very large open space area. This is because The Pleasant Service is located in a communal space area that will later be packed with other tenants. The right time to visit here is definitely on a sunny afternoon or evening. The ambiance is perfect for hanging out with friends.

Jl. Mangga No. 37A, Bandung

4. Amity Coffee & Space

Photo by cafedarling

Amity Coffee & Space is located in a colonial-style house whose interior has been redesigned to make it even more serene with a gravel stone floor. The strategic location and comfortable ambiance will definitely make you feel at home for lingering. The variety of the menu is also diverse, delicious, and affordable.

Jl. Gandapura No. 55, Bandung

5. Lexi The Flying Tiger

This new fancy cafe in the Gunung Batu area has an indoor botanical garden, doesn’t it sound verdant? Really, here you will find many potted plants in every corner of the cafe. Besides the delicious food, this cafe is also pet friendly, you know! So you can bring your favorite paw friends to hang out here.

Jl. Dakota No. 109B, Gunung Batu, Bandung

6. Sunrai Coffee

If you are looking for a coffee shop that is cool and quiet, Sunrai Coffee is the right place. From here you can enjoy the beautiful city view of Bandung. There are many reasons to fall in love with this place. Aside from the beautiful view, the journey to get here is also fun because there are many beautiful views to see. The menu itself is varied and the prices are affordable.

Jl. Cibanteng Tonggoh (near Ngopi DI Kebun)