3. Jijou Coffee & Social

Photo by acaffeinman

Coffee shops with Japanese names seem to be quite popular in Bandung these days. The latest is Jijou Coffee & Social which carries the concept of the minimalist modern complete with a 90s feel. You can also play the arcade machine here to add fun. In addition to the arcade machine, here you can borrow books to read too. For the menu, you can try the delicious coffee and dimsum.

Jijou Coffee & Social
Jl. Cibadak No. 135, Bandung

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4. The Folk Dago

Photo by kopisurgawi

This new cafe has a cabin-like building which is quite a standout. The choice of black and industrial wood colors makes the building blend with the surrounding area. The area inside at the top is more intended for dining. While the outdoor area below is more intended for coffee. The Folk Dago is really suitable for those of you who want to find a cafe with a comfortable cool atmosphere.

The Folk Dago
Jl. Bukit Pakar Utara No. 48