It’s time to embrace February with a positive and adventurous attitude. Leave your favorite spots to rest and show some support for the latest joints. Here are the new hottest spots in Bandung to visit this month.

1. Warung Ok’key

Photo by exploleatory

Taking inspiration from the admiration and love for the diversity of Indonesian cuisine, dr. Oky Pratama together with Warung Talaga Group presents a “food stall” that not only serves delicious Indonesian dishes but also provides an interior atmosphere that emits friendly Indonesian hospitality at its finest. Warung Ok’key invites Indonesian culinary lovers to not only enjoy Indonesian delicacies but also to understand the philosophy behind each food itself.

Jl. LLRE Martadinata No. 86, Riau, Bandung

2. Kayya Kopi Tiam

Kopitiam itself means a coffee shop in the Melayu language. Kopitiam is usually famous for its Kopi Tarik, Teh Tarik, and also toast. This experience is what Kayya Kopi Tiam is trying to bring. Apart from the kopitiam experience, Kayya Kopi Tiam has a cool place to hang out. You may want to bring your camera because every spot here is so instagramable.

Jl. Banda No.2S, Bandung

3. The Smokey Rooftop Cafe

Photo by exploreatory

If you want to eat at a hotel but don’t feel a need to break a bank, The Smokey Rooftop Cafe can be the right choice. The rooftop cafe that is located at the Grand Asrilia Hotel offers a variety of food menus ranging from snacks, Asian Food, Western Food, various drinks, and desserts at affordable prices. Here you can eat while enjoying the city view and the cool breezy air.

Grand Asrilia Hotel
Jl. Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 123, Bandung

4. Teuan

It seems like, there are more and more  opened coffee shops in Bandung every month. This time, from the Malabar This new restaurant in Lembang has a really calming place. Having a Chinese Peranakan-style building concept makes an oriental feel so pronounced here. This cafe has an outdoor area in the middle in a large green garden. The most iconic corner here is of course a pair of twin stairs that add to the luxurious impression of this cafe.

Jl. Maribaya No. 11b, Bandung Barat

5. San.da.ran

There is no end to a coffee shop in Bandung, this month Sandaran is also enlivening the coffee scene in Bandung. This coffee shop, although it has an unfinished building concept, it still has a cozy atmosphere for hanging out. The outdoor area is also quite spacious. For the menu itself, you must try the delicious dimsum menu. As for the coffee menu, you must try Lemon Ice Coffee or Milk Ice Coffee.

Jl. Karawitan No 3, Buah Batu, Bandung