We give kudos to Bandung for their creativity and efforts. They have no limits. Even though it was hit by a pandemic and PPKM, various new cafes and restaurants are still popping out. So what’s new on the table? Let’s check the list

It’s LO.CO

We are about to get loco for It’s LO.CO! The newest cool and hip communal space in Dago with post-vintage modern vibes toned with pastel colors. It’s like you stepping into a time machine that takes you to the 90’s era of style. Backyard took the spot serves as the café here; you can spend your time here over good food and coffee enjoying the cool breezy air of Northern Bandung. If you’re a vinyl collector, be sure to check their series of collections to loot some.

Jl. Bukit Dago Selatan No. 51


Cupola has opened another branch in Braga, precisely in Stockerhouse Braga area. It’s quite a stretch to reach the place because of the spot is one of the best hidden gems in Braga. Find the distinct red door by walking through the alley until you find a spacious backyard behind Braga shopping complex. Highlights are Fat Gyudon, Dori Mentai, Eskola, Eskoca, and Eskomin.

Jl. Braga No.43 (Stockerhouse)

St. Belly Café

St. Belly Café dressed in pretty whites, adorned with minimalist approach of Greek interior style, a typical place for a couple of snaps. It is one of the café that jazzes up Kota Baru Parahyangan across the IKEA. Aside from the kick-ass views; you’ll love spending time here for the serene quite moments during brunch or dinner. 

Jl. Ruko Pancawarna No. 17 – Kota Baru Parahyangan

And Coffee

If Pasteur is giving you a hell of traffic, take a detour to And Coffee to relax and ease your mind. It’s not too far from Bandung Trade Center. You can expect a humble outdoor area with decked wooden chairs and tables with wide parasol, a perfect place for a quick coffee fix during pandemic. Bittersweet and Berry Pop seem to be the favorite among guests.

Jl. Dr. Djundjunan No. 153 – Pasteur (D’Ningrat TopasGaleria Hotel)

Seduh Sembuh

Photo by caffeinestories_

Even though Seduh Sembuh is still undergo a trial opening. Coffee shop hunters are already flocking the space. Situated in Dipatiukur, Seduh Sembuh features industrial atmosphere with a striking dash of yellow to enliven the area. The dining area is separated into terrace and indoor area to give an extensive space to perch on. Aside from the coffee you should try their unique creations such as Muda Mudi, Pelipur Lara, Nasi Mangkuk Daging Sapi Garlic Butter, and Nasi Mangkuk Ayam Mentai.

Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 29 – Dipatiukur