Head over to these new coffee shops, offers not only high-quality coffee but also tasty comfort food, snacks, and of course, a great ambiance. Our list of new tables this August also includes new restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local dishes with a traditional atmosphere.

DE.U Coffee

DE.U Coffee comes with indoor and outdoor concepts along with simple and minimalist themes. The cozy ambiance is perfect to accompany your casual meeting, as well as a small gathering with friends and family.

Jl. Dipatiukur No.23, Bandung
1 pm – 9 pm
IG : de.ucoffee

Tilu Kitchen and Patisserie

Tilu Kitchen and Patisserie serves a breakfast, lunch, dinner menu and a selection of bakery and pastry menus made by experienced and international chefs. With a spacious interior and attractive design, this restaurant is also a comfortable place to dine in and hang out.

LLRE Martadinata St No.81, Citarum, Riau, Bandung
10 am – 9 pm
P: (+6222) 20543053
IG: tilukitchenandpatisserie


This industrial-themed coffee shop feels grand and luxurious which is dominated by the color white and gray. BrewSpace is known for the art of coffee by its baristas and the use of quality coffee beans from coffee farmers. BrewSpace also serves a variety of foods that can be used as friends to drink coffee. Besides serving quality coffee, BrewSpace is an Instagramable place that has every corner beautifully designed. Try this place’s favorite menu, The Frap which is made of espresso with milk ice cream with pounded Pistachio topping.

Jl. Prabu Dimuntur No.22, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
8 am – 9 pm
P: +62821-1194-1292
IG: brewspace.id

Herbal House by The Lodge

Founded in a Heritage building that has a distinctive architecture of the Dutch colonial era, Herbal House by The Lodge was born from the initiative of Mrs. Heni Smith as CEO of The Lodge Group. The background is to encourage people to live healthy naturally and as an alternative effort for The Lodge Group to stay afloat during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Opened in March 2020, HERBAL HOUSE by The Lodge started its business by selling a variety of herbal plants to be used as a home-living pharmacy.

Then in June 2020, there was also Herbal House by The Lodge as a culinary business development where people can enjoy a variety of food and drinks with a warm atmosphere of a 1930s home. To maintain the beauty of the original architecture of the buildings occupied, the interiors used are antiques with a blend of Indo-Dutch style. A beautiful and lush back garden area with trees is also used as an area for guests who like the outdoor atmosphere.

Jl. Sumur Bandung No.6, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung
9 am – 8 pm
P: (+6222) 20454830
IG: herbalhouse_bythelodge

Tree Some Cafe

Tree Some Cafe offers a variety of coffee menu, as well as other trendy and beverages. With a humble and cozy setting, the cafe becomes the local’s favorite place to hang out. The most favorite spot could be the outdoor area located at the rooftop of the place where you can chill and relax while leaning on the beanbag and enjoying the city’s breezy air. As for the food, Tree Some offers from finger food to some fulfilling main courses.

Jl. Maskumambang No.6B, Bandung
IG: tree.somebdg

Markopi Brewing & Kitchen

What attracts first of this place is surely the elegant yet minimalist look of the place. With a bright and clean interior concept, Markopi Brewing Kitchen is not only Instagrammable, but also comfortable spot to chill or hang out. Along with its pretty setting, the cafe serves high-quality coffees for your daily booster.

Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No.138, Isola, Kec. Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40153
11 am – 7 pm (Sun-Thur) | 8 am – 9 pm (Fri-Sat)
P: +62881-8885-656
IG: markopi.bdg

Bodas Coffee

Bodas Coffee offers a good coffee selection made by premium coffee beans and carefully prepared by the place’s professional barista. You can also fulfill your sweet tooth craving here as Bodas Coffee also offers artisan and high-quality desserts.

Jl. Talaga Bodas No 64, Bandung
9 am – 10 pm
P: +62822-3419-0000
IG: bodascoffee