5. Monte Cristo Potion & Fire

The number of bars & lounges in Bandung can indeed be counted, so if there is a newly opened bar & lounge in Bandung,it becomes a remarkable one like this Monte Cristo. Recently re-opening, Monte Cristo has a spacious and cozy place, perfect for chilling with friends. For the menu itself, there are various casual fine dining menus, wines and cocktails. Monte Cristo also features a live DJ performance starts from 8.00 PM.

Address: Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 295

6. Chavelle Cafe

Drawing on the cafe’s walls? At Chavelle Cafe you can do that ! Chavelle Cafe has an industrial design where you can scribble the walls. Not only that, it is also very suitable for you to work because it has fast wifi and lots of electrical plugs. So you can sit anywhere and plug in your electronic device. For the meals, you can try the favourite Herb Roasted Chicken and Khanom Pang Naa Khun Roi Ngaa from the menu.

Address: Jl. Sunda No. 71, Bandung

7. Rumah Sekara

Looking for a cafe that feels very cozy just like at home? Rumah Sekara can be the answer for you. This cafe indeed occupies a house as their venue. The location is also far from the traffic’s crowd so it will feel really calm n here. Not only the atmosphere, Rumah Sekara also offers a variety of comfort food on the menu that you can taste that will ease your home sickness.

Address: Taman Peleserin No. 7, Tamansari, Bandung

8. Kamar Nenek

From the name alone is unique, right? Kamar Nenek is a unique restaurant, they have a place that has an oriental atmosphere and is dominated by Chinese red colors. Kamar Nenek offers a variety of menus ranging from choices of main course, mocktails, cocktails, to coffee.

Address: Jl. Cipaganti No. 150