For those of you who can’t have breakfast at home due to tight work hours, or those of you who just want to have comfort food Bandung style for breakfast in the morning, fret not. Bandung in the morning has a lot to offer. From bubur to kupat gempol, here are the legendary breakfast food stalls we recommend in Bandung.

1. Lontong Kari Kebon Karet

Lontong Kari Kebon Karet is one of the legendary culinary destinations in Bandung. Established in 1966, the stall is not too big but pretty enough to fit a dozen people. The serving is quite fast as they only offer Lontong Kari only. Lontong is solid, firm but still delicate, the portion is generous, and there are lots of meat. The sauce is savory with a little hint of sweetness. The place is in the alley, but don’t worry for those of you who bring a car beside the alley there is a large yard for parking and there is a parking attendant too so it’s definitely safe.

Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata Jl. Kb. Karet No.28/5C, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Sumur Bandung
IG: @lontongkari_kebonkaret

2. Sate Jando Gasibu

Must Try Legendary Culinary Places in Bandung
Photo: IG

This street satay vendor is always busy and packed with people who eyeing the greatness of satay. There are 3 kinds of satay; chicken satay, jando satay (fat), beef satay, or you can also mix 1 portion for IDR 30,000. The meat quality is top-notch and you may want to order an extra portion. For those of you who want to visit this place, it’s better on a weekday because it won’t be as busy as usual. For those of you who visit this place on weekends, you have to be prepared to queue and have trouble finding a parking space because it is so crowded.

Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung

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3. Kupat Tahu Gempol

The tofu kupat is delicious. If one portion is too big for you, you can modify it by ordering half portion. The tofu is super soft, there’s no doubt about it, the ketupat is delicious and soft, the texture is just right, and the peanut sauce is everyone’s favorite. It’s not wrong if this place is one of your favorite breakfast places, and for those of you who visit this place on weekdays, it’s definitely going to be busy because it’s crowded. But the service is good, friendly, and serves customers very well.

Jl. Gempol Kulon No.53, Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung
IG: @kupattahugempol

4. Bubur Ayam Gibbas

Photo by My Eat and Travel Story

People from Bandung already know about Gibbas Chicken Porridge, which has more chicken filling than the porridge. The white porridge alone is delicious, savory, salty just right, so there’s no need to use extra broth anymore, it’s perfect. The place is comfortable and quite spacious, the price of the porridge is affordable and the portions are according to the price. The good news is you can eat porridge here not only in the morning, but they are open until midnight.

Jl. Kebon Jati No.187, Kb. Jeruk, Kec. Andir, Kota Bandung