Here are things you can do in Bandung at night. Whether cozying up in front of Bandung sparkling city light or dancing the night off at the clubs, the night is yours.

1. Check out some live music


Live music lovers will never have a boring night out in Bandung. Bars like Holywings, Troy’s, Little Collins, and La Baraga feature bands of every imaginable genre every single night of the week. From international chart-toppers, much-loved golden oldies, and to the best local favorites, it’s difficult not to get carried away while everyone begins to sing heartily along.

2. Eat street food


Bandung’s late-night eateries can be found on almost every street corner; every available nook and cranny is a potential foodie treasure. Everybody has their own favorites. Jl. Setiabudi near Enhaii specializes in Surabi, a drive around Dago will reveal sweets and savory scents of all kinds, while Sudirman Street and Cibadak are famous for how the streets transform from their bustling industrial business hours to late night street food vendors serving everything from Thai food to Mongolian BBQ. Grab a drink, go for a walk, and taste a bit of everything!

3. Watch the city lights sparkle

Fashion E Pasta (Dago Pakar Timur)

The mountains surround the valley are famous for their panoramic views. It just takes your breath away, no matter how many times you’ve seen the entire city glistening under the stars. Dago Pakar and Dago Giri’s many fancy restaurants couple spectacular views with opulent menus, while Jl. Punclut has quickly become alive with simple and charming mountaintop restaurants, cafes, and bars of all colors. It’s the perfect spot for you to calmly take in Bandung in its striking entirety.

4. Visit beer gardens


For those thirsty for beers of all colors and flavors, whether its local, international, or craft ales, Bandung’s selection is second to none. Hanging out and relaxing over beers, music, games, and snacks is a favorite past time here. The aptly named Beer Garden in Taman Sari, the rooftop balcony of Wodka, the open air gardens of Badung and Tambuhak, and the halls of Beer Point on Pasteur, carry the city’s most complete selection of beers while also providing the most vibrant of atmospheres.