As expected from Bandung, everything is about being creative, even when it comes to food. Try a fresh experience of enjoying pizza at these best pizza places in Bandung.

1. Pizza è Birra

Cementing its position as a sports bar, Pizza è Birra is your go-to restaurant whenever you are looking for a place to hang out and watch exciting matches. Famous for its tasty fresh-made pies, Pizza è Birra has a wide range of flavors and pizza types from classic to Detroit-style.

Paris Van Java, Jl. Sukajadi No.131 — 139, Cipedes, Sukajadi, Bandung
11 am – 11 pm (Sun-Fri) | 11 am – 12 pm (Sat)

2. Verde Resto & Lounge

Verde ain’t playing when it comes about pizza. Being innovative and creative is what this place tries to offer. Get the new experience by enjoying its Volcano Pizza or Rainbow Volcano Pizza. It is the pioneer of volcano pizza in Bandung where the pizza will show such a theatrical stunt while being lit by fire. This place also offers a dessert pizza.

 Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.177, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung
10 am – 2 am (Sun-Thur) | 11 am – 3 am (Fri-Sat)
P: (+6222) 2503005
IG: verderestolounge 

3. Eatalia Cafe

By carrying out the concept of Modern Cafe of Italy, Eatalia Cafe serves a variety of quality Italian menus, especially pizza and pasta which have unique, creative, and distinctive flavors. Using only high-quality ingredients, Eatalia’s pizzas also crafted by the experienced chef. Try its signature pizzas, such as Carbonara Pizza, Grilled Sirloin Steak, Philadelphia Cheese Steak, and The Classic Hawaiian.

Jl. Lengkong Besar No.45, Paledang, Lengkong, Bandung
10 am – 10 pm (Sun-Thur) | 10 am – 10.30 pm (Fri) | 10 am – 11 pm (Sat)
P: (+6222) 4235853
IG: eat_eatalia

4. Crown Cone Pizza

Being innovative, Crown Cone Pizza upgraded the regular slice of pizza into a cone of pizza. Keep the original texture of pizza dough, this place offers get-to-go pizza with various delicious toppings.

Jl. Sawunggaling No.2, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, Bandung
11.30 am – 10 pm (Sun-Sat)
P: +62812 8989 8711
IG: crownpizzacone

5. Infinito Culinary

This restaurant is specialized in Italian dishes, focusing on pizza and cheese. Using high-quality mozzarella as well as other ingredients, Infinito Culinary serves a great selection of Italian menu. Other than serving savory pizza, the place also highlighted its dessert pizza. One of the best is Durian Pizza. Dare to try?

Jl. H. Wasid No.11, Lebakgede, Coblong, Kota Bandung
10 am – 10 pm (Sun-Fri) | 10 am – 11 pm (Sat)
P: +62838 2940 1282
IG: infinitoculinary

6. Warung Laos

Warung Laos offers Italian and Western cuisine with local ambiance. The place is decorated with wooden tables and chairs, as well as traditional ornaments. As for the pizza, Warung Laos recommends you to try its favorites which are Pizza Salsicia and Pizza Carne. With a relatively affordable price, you will get a pan of pizza with bountiful toppings.

Jl. Raya Golf Dago No.90, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung
4 – 11 pm (Mon-Tue) | 11 am – 11 pm (Wed-Sun)
P:  (+6222) 82523293

7. Panties Pizza

As the name implies, Panties Pizza is specialized in calzone pizza. Serving various hearty calzones, ranging from savory to sweet pizzas. Enjoy your casual time with your friend or relatives as the place comes with a cozy concept.

Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.125, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung
11 am – 10 pm (Sun-Thur) | 1 – 1o pm (Fri)
P: (+6222) 20454941
IG: pantiespizzabandung