With Valentine’s Day coming soon, you may wonder where to get a nice gift for your better half. But wait: actually, a bunch of colorful lovely flowers can easily make any occasion better! Fresh flowers could help you congratulate friends, celebrate milestones, promote healing, turn a bad day around or just to brighten up your home. Good thing is that we have a few really good and creative flower shops in Bandung. So, whether you are looking for table arrangements, a bouquet for your partner, or flowers for a celebration, these Bandung florists have you covered.

1. The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is all about adding personalized touches to each bouquet or flower arrangement. They handcraft bouquets, floral boxes, and arrangements using locally available flowers as the main materials. Located in the center of Bandung, you can buy vases, hand bouquets, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, hand flowers, bloom boxes, wall arrangements, and wedding decorations at reasonable prices. Surely one of the best in Bandung!

Operational hours: Everyday 8 am to 9 pm
Address: Jl. Trunojoyo No.25, Citarum Area
IG: theflowershop

2. Rossa Florist

Luxurious bouquets from a Bandung flower well-known service does not have to be expensive. Rossa Florist makes sure more people can buy and give professionally handcrafted bouquets by keeping their products budget-friendly. You can also get the traditional flower panels for congratulating a new business or wedding. Rossa can accommodate all kinds of floral requests and orders, whether it is for a personal milestone or a big event. 

Operational hours: 24h as on service via WhatsApp: +6285320602060 or +6281222226464
Address: Jl. Wastukencana No.34
Website and Orders, click here.

3. Merari Studio

Merari Studio Flower and Tea Shop is your original pick in Bandung. If you’re tired of the usual, old-fashioned arrangements of fresh, cut flowers, Merari Studio’s modern arrangements are what you’re looking for. Instead of adding unnecessary accessories and excessive decorative pieces to the arrangements, designs are kept simple and sturdy to give a delicate and poetic choice for your bouquets in Bandung!

Operational hours: Everyday from 7 am to 9 pm (closed on Sunday)
Address: Ps. Cihapit, Jl. Cihapit
IG: Merari Studio

4. Bloom Bouquet and Flower

Anyone could pick a flower but only a few get to know which ones are the finest. Bloom Bouquet is surely one of them! With their careful combination and balance of color, style, and texture, they were able to create beautiful flower arrangements that will truly bring a smile to whoever receives them. A modern, creative and classic option for your needs in Bandung! They have a large collection of flowers that you can browse through their Instagram page.

Operational hours: Everyday 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Sunday)
Address: Jl. Kebon Jati No.11
IG: bloom.bouquet

5. Amaryllis

Special occasions would not be complete without good flowers; good thing Amaryllis could provide you with elegant floral arrangements suited best to make your event even more special. They combine different kinds of flowers of different colors to create rather magnificent floral arrangements.

Operational hours: Every day from 6am to 9 pm
Address: Jl. Wastukencana No.34, close to TamanSari
IG: amaryllis_flowers1987

6. Jalan Sersan Bajuri

Reviewing flower shops in Bandung without mentioning Jalan Sersan Bajuri would be impossible. On the northern upper part of this street, between Bandung and Lembang, you can find there dozens of flower local producers, almost all selling on the spot fresh flowers and plants. How about driving along until you find something that suits you!

Jalan Sersan Bajuri on google maps, click here.

By: William Kohler