Double Ikat restaurant is a chic and modern all-day dining venue serving authentic Indonesian cuisine, located at the Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort. It takes its name from ikat, a traditional Indonesian weaving technique.

While the word ikat means tied, we cannot help but wonder if the word “double” is  trying to tell you that you’ll be hooked after your first taste. And yes!  We were hooked!

Double Ikat Restaurant
Double Ikat Restaurant

Loomed from the start

Welcomed by colourful spools of thread and a loom, we couldn’t help but go gaga over the interior décor. Rows of tables are separated by screens made to resemble threaded looms set on wooden frames, simultaneously creating an iconic backdrop for nice Instagram pictures, because of…millennials.

But our journey to discover Indonesian culinary delights was not just beautified by the décor. We immediately felt the warm hospitality that Indonesia is known for, when the hostess handed me a set of Cobek (an Indonesian mortar and pestle made out of stone) and asked us if we wanted to make our own sambal. With this create-your-own-sambal demonstration, we knew we were in for an Indonesian treat. Because honestly, as an essential Indonesian condiment, no one knows our fave sambal better than ourselves.

Oxtail Soup
Suckling Pig

Authentic Indonesian cuisine

“Authenticity is key,” says Chef Wayan Bagiana and we agreed. There’s no pretending, no fusion confusion in every single dish served at Double Ikat. One of the highlights we immediately spotted was its simple menu. Double Ikat is not pretending to have or be everything – only the renowned dishes from several regions in Indonesia. All sourced locally and flavoured according to their traditional recipes. Nothing but meticulously prepared eye candy with mouthwatering presentation.

We obey an insider’s tip and try the light bites, such as perkedel jagung, and sate campur. Followed with a thick and hearty oxtail soup, cakalang, and suckling pig, we feel like we have been teleported to Java and Sulawesi, the flavours reminding us of how rich Indonesia’s variety of herbs and spices is.

Es Teler

Chef Bagiana’s Table

Want to see the action up close? Choose to dine by the kitchen with its front-row view of the action-packed kitchen, Double Ikat is also good for intimate events, where you can choose between the two sophisticated private dining rooms.

Double Ikat kitchen

Dining time at Double Ikat is like witnessing Indonesia’s story in craft and cuisine, and we just cannot wait to return.

Double Ikat
Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa
Jalan Pantai Balangan 1 No. 1, Ungasan
Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: +623612003588