Sanur is one of the handfuls of places in Bali that anyone can still feel the authentic Balinese vibe. A seaside town that is located along the south-eastern coastline offers a very unhurried, welcoming, lush and serene that’s known for its sunrise and pristine beaches. In the past, Sanur has attracted individuals who celebrate their personal style, from David Bowie and Mick Jagger to Yoko Ono.

Sanur has recently garnered a lot of attractions among locals and tourists, from its beaches, water sports, local markets to hotels and resorts. The latest addition to Sanur’s five-star hotel Andaz Bali will highlight the charms of Sanur and Bali through its design, architecture, and guest experiences.  Opening in April 2021, the hotel is among the few Andaz resorts in the world and Andaz Bali will proudly present the first Andaz resort in Asia.

Sanur Village Design in Andaz Style
Andaz property is renowned for its ‘personal style’ approach to the concept and design. Each of the 23 Andaz properties in the world carries its own signature design inspired by the neighborhood, from locally imbued scents, unique dishes, and drinks to eclectic art and traditional displays.

For the whole concept of design, Andaz Bali will carry out a modern take on the village of Sanur, thoughtfully weaving the traditional elements with contemporary touches. The rooms, suites, and villas are spread in low-rise clusters with a hidden courtyard and ponds that offer every guest a sense of discovery for each step of the way. Then, there will be a village square doubles as a communal space where guests can mingle with local creative thinkers nestled in the heart of Andaz Bali. For the dining experience, guests will be spoiled with five dynamic dining venues to choose from, where the chefs will be cooking classic favorites while adding a new twist to elevate the experience.

Through the vision of architect Martin Palleros, the establishment and its surroundings will instantly transport you to the traditional Balinese village. To keep the traditional Balinese village feel, many arts and craftsmanship will be equipped altogether to create a traditionally but extraordinary atmosphere. Palleros worked with materials naturally used and found in the nearby area such as red bricks and woven bamboo as a statement. The Bangkok-based architect spent a decade understanding and researching Balinese architecture and culture, spending time exploring in noted temples and villages around Bali from Batuan and Batubulan to Penglipuran. “Andaz Bali will be the only resort on the island which offers a village scene in a modern setting built on the existing mature landscape, offering an intriguing guest experience,” said Palleros.

The resort will feature the abundance of natural materials in Indonesia to introduce local materials in unique ways that will be handled by interior design company SPIN Design Tokyo. “Instead of working with marble from abroad, we choose to highlight the uniqueness of marble from Bandung, with its signature light brown zig-zag pattern and irregular white spots,” said Akari Ito, founder of SPIN Design.

Artworks are carefully selected to represent the old and new of Bali, representing the past, the present, and the future. Artworks include a traditional Men Brayut statue (a character from Balinese folklore with 18 children) to a modern-style mirror representing tamiang (a symbol of protection in Balinese).  The artworks are handpicked by Mr. Palleros and Mr. Ito and feature a combination of works from local and international artists such as Wayan Witana, Davina Stephens, and Kawamura Kohey.

This April, Andaz Bali will excitedly invite guests to experience the unique island getaway through the eyes of locals. Perfect for a holiday destination, the beachfront resort has been conceived as a modern Balinese village, weaving traditional and contemporary elements of the island. Andaz Bali will accommodate a 149-room beachfront resort and three unique concept swimming pools as well as shared wellness facilities with the adjacent Hyatt Regency Bali.

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