After a big success in Jakarta, Indonesia’s fastest-growing car-sharing application TREVO is now available in Bali. TREVO is ready to accommodate the car rental needs of locals, staycationers, and holidaymakers from your fingertip conveniently in a single app. With TREVO, users or “guests” can select a vehicle of their choice, for whatever period of time – could be a day, a week, or even just a few hours — from a trusted car owner or they name it “host”.

Guests in Bali are spoilt for choice, with options ranging from high-end sports cars to family cars to city cars. The choices can be a small city car, an SUV, or a six-seater car for the family. Guests also have the option of renting with or without a driver, allowing them privacy and the reassurance of staying safe during the pandemic. Rather than spend time and money making multiple bookings on a ride-hailing app, guests using TREVO in Bali can have their ‘own’ car delivered to their doorstep within 3 hours.

“TREVO matches guests in need of a private and comfortable ride with hosts seeking to earn money through their idle vehicles. We hope this match-making model will be particularly helpful to Bali locals. The pandemic has delivered quite a blow to Bali tourism, and many local businesses rely upon this industry. TREVO gives local vehicle owners an opportunity to make some extra income, and they can rest easy knowing that TREVO shield insurance will safeguard their vehicles from theft and damages,” says TREVO General Manager, Brandon Curson.

“Our commitment is to help to revitalize Bali tourism extends to the partnerships we’re forging. We are now partnering with the Bali Tourism Board to support the local community in its efforts to gradually revive the tourism industry. We’re also supporting the ‘Back to Bali’ campaign initiated by Finns Bali and its affiliates. As Bali gradually reopens its doors to tourists, both partnerships are expected to help vehicle owners supplement their income.” He added.

TREVO first launched in Jakarta in December 2020 and in less than a year has built a community of over 100,000 hosts and guests. The TREVO experience is different from other transportation options in that we offer an easy booking process, speedy customer care, insurance, GPS tracking, and the freedom to accept or decline bookings. For Bali in particular, TREVO is working to add motorcycles, helicopters, boats, and other motorized vehicles to its platform.