We’ve shortlisted some off the beaten track in Bali with activities that will give you adrenaline rush and excitement.  From lush  valleys and scenic lakes, to daring white water rafting, and even remote villages where ancient cultures and traditions live on.

This list may not be for the faint of heart, but what is life without a little bit of adventures anyway?

1. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting with Bali Made Tour

Ayung River near Ubud boasts long and large rapid, therefore, the river is  perfect for a challenging and fun white water rafting. A team of professional rafting guides will assist you with the equipment and gear, while the action and thrills start as soon as you board your rafts and work together on paddling and steering through the grades. The swirling foamy water, waterfalls, and surprising sudden drops are all part of this experience. Steep stairways you need to climb after ride will be replenished with a buffet lunch by the river. Don’t miss the opportunity to view and purchase professional photographs and DVD footage of your experience from the tour operator. You’d want to treasure that look of yours!

Contact: https://www.masonadventures.com/

2. Quad or Buggy Driving Adventure & Tubing Excursion

Body Tubing Bali Quad
Only for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. You get to pick your own tansportation—either a quad bike or off-road buggy. After a training and safety lesson,you will be zipping the lush forest, exploring the beauty of central Bali. You will hit more technical parts of the trail learn how to cross obstacles and avoid challenges. The action-packed ride concludes with a unique thrill to cool down – cruising along the region’s Siap River rapids in large inflatable tubes to navigate series of surging streams. Wetsuits, helmets, lifejackets, and safety harnesses are all included in the package. After the rides, you can finish with a delicious  Balinese lunch,and of course a sense of thrill and satisfaction for finishing such adventure.
Contact: https://baliquad.com/

3. Canyon of Fire

Canyon of Fire by Adventure and Spirit

This two-day excursion takes you to Bali’s legendary Tukad Api gorges, aka ‘Canyon of Fire’. You will enjoy a canyoning adventure, where you’ll learn about the basics of rappelling, whilst dmiring the beauty of Bali’s highland nature. This highly adventurous things to do in Bali includes an overnight stay in the lush wilderness. Breathe in the fresh air of dense rain-forest terrain, and feel your heart rate pacing over the steep ravines as you venture the canyon. There are waterfalls to chase too for a complete natural excursion that is made only for a truly adrenaline junkie!

Contact: https://adventureandspirit.com/en/home/

4. Trunyan Expedition

The lakeside village of Trunyan can evoke awe and wonder through its unique rituals and customs. As one of Bali’s earliest inhabited places, the village is located on the eastern side of Lake Batur. One of its most interesting features is its burial rites – the deceased are wrapped and brought by boat to a dedicated burial ground and laid out around a large old fragrant tree that is believed to only grow here. The mentioned tree, somehow, miraculously neutralises any odour from the decomposing bodies, so you do not really need to cover your nose here let alone holding your breath. Not for everyone indeed, but imagine the look on your relatives when you tell them this story…

5. Mount Batur Sunrise

Mount Batur Sunrise
An early riser? Then this climb up Mount Batur is for you. It allows you to admire the magical sunrise over the vast caldera lake at the summit. At the peak, enjoy a unique breakfast: egg and banana cooked over the hot steam emitted from the volcano itself.  After relaxing at the top of the mountain, head back down to a hot spring, where you can take a soothing dip in the 104 F (40 C) waters at the west side of the lake. Next, your hike down the slope traverses local plantations where you’ll see fresh local produce and taste many different coffee brews available, including the world-famous civet-cat coffee, known as kopi luwak.
Contact: https://www.masonadventures.com/

6. Glide Across the Sea Through Zip Line

Another one that is not for the faint of heart! The Abyss Zip line is located in Ceningan Island and overhangs a cliff over the ocean. This spectacular view is one not to miss. Enjoy the thrill of travelling from one side of the cliff to another while witnessing stunning scenery.
Once you’ve experienced the thrill of the zipline why not then kick back at the Driftwood Bar for a few beverages overhanging the cliff. If its a bit hot not to worry there is an infinity pool to cool off whilst you enjoy your beverages with breath taking views.

7. On a high with 5GX Reverse Bungy

Yes, you’ve read that right. Reverse bungy! The 5GX Reverse Bungy in Kuta could be something new which makes your palm sweat while you’re having fun at the same time. Dare yourself to get ‘thrown’ to the sky by this giant catapult, and feel your heart moving upside-down while reaching the top speed of a hundred kilometer per hour! Eeeeks!

Contact: Reverse Bungy

8. Swing your heart out

The Bali Swing is the new tourism activity in Bali and it has become such a popular activity in Bali. Ubud may claim that the original and best ones originated from the regency, although to date, there are hundreds of others have sprung up all over Bali with breathtaking views. Get thrilling feelings, adrenaline rush, unforgettable experiences and unique pictures. Imagine swinging and gliding on various spots over lush green forests, rice fields, river valley, awesome cliff view and much more.

There many organisers that can help you arrange this activity, one of them is: Bali Swing