Bali is perfect for honeymooners and families. At least that’s what they say. In reality Bali has something for everyone. Despite their relationship status, despite their beliefs of procreation, or even their hobbies and interests. Bali is also perfect for single traveller.

One thing is for sure, the Island of the Gods is not exclusively for lovebirds. Single ladies (and gentlemen) eagerly pack their bags to explore the island.

First things first: Eat your heart out

Bali’s eating options are unlimited, catering for everyone from meat lovers to a devoted vegan. While you can always opt for some exotic local Balinese food, all-you-can-eat buffets are also a smart choice for dining out.

Especially when feasting out with your other single friends. A buffet features a wide range of cuisines and is great value. Here are some of the best buffet restaurants in Bali, most with free flow champagne too!

See our favourites here: Best Buffet Dining in Bali

Anarasa – Movenpick Bali

Shake and stir

In a dire need to feel like you are in control over everything in your life? Maybe go to one of these rooftop bars in Bali. Sit back, sip a cocktail or cold beer, and watch a beautiful Bali sunset from up high. Experience the rooftop lounges and bars we have visited, such as the Mövenpick Resort Spa Jimbaran Bali, the Moonlite Kitchen & Bar at Anantara Seminyak, or the 18th Rooftop Bar – The Trans Resort Bali.

Here’s our full list: Best Rooftop Bar in Bali

Moonlite Kitchen & Bar – Anantara Seminyak
Untie the knots

Untie the knots in your sore muscles from working long working hours, not the knots from a previous relationship, because you’ve probably taken care of that a long time ago.

The list of recommendations is endless, from traditional to exotic, and even one that fits for a queen. Check our favourites here: Spa Treatments in Bali that we love

Spa at Padma Ubud

Bikini Shopping

You cannot visit Bali’s beach clubs and white sandy beaches without rocking some stylish bikinis!

Check out these places to shop for your favorite bikinis or bathing suits: Best place to buy Bikinis in Bali

Thaikila Bikini
Namastay at the beach

Your call. No one is breathing down your neck saying you can’t. Put on your shades and rock your recently purchased bikini at one of these beach clubs: Best Beach Club in Bali and just have fun with your friends (or make some new ones), sipping a cocktail or two, complemented with some delicious tapas.

Insider’s tip: The list can be intimidating; so narrow them down to your favorite location, unless you are planning to stay in Bali for a long time.

Karma Beach
Leave your worries behind

Just walk away from them. Take a delightful walk known as the Campuhan Ridge Walk. Be sure to do it early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, when it is cooler. The light is also better at dawn or dusk if you are into photography (or selfies). Strike a pose for Instagram-worthy images and caption them with your favorite quotes about…single life.

Campuhan Ridge Walk