The global highlight of beauty and aesthetic trends in 2019 was the facial rejuvenation procedures and it continued to the early 2020 and things seemed to slow down anytime soon. When it comes to other non-invasive procedures, the top six, in the last two years, were:
1. Botulinum Toxin

2. Hyaluronic Acid / Filler Injection

3. Non Surgical Body Contouring

4. Nonsurgical Female Intimate Rejuvenation

5. PRP and Laser Skin Rejuvenation

6. Laser Hair Removal

Now, the global beauty industry has been shocked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments has surprisingly increased. According to dermatologists, this sudden increase is due to the fact that people have to work from home and show their faces on video calls for personal and work meetings. People are working, sitting, facing their computer all day and the endless peering into the phones in the home. There has also been a rise in telemedicine in the past year. It is safer for people to consult with their dermatologists, Aesthetics Doctors, and other professionals through video calls rather than meeting in person, unless for the procedures themselves.

Another main reason for an increase in non-invasive facial procedures is due to constantly wearing masks. An ideal environment for the bacteria to grow due to increased humidity and warmth under the mask. This results in clogged pores and ‘maskne.’ Not to mention, people who already suffer from a certain skin condition like rosacea, will have a more difficult time with their skin.

Also, during pandemic people has limited to go the gym, and some of them don’t have time since the home activity is quite hectic, such working, cooking for family, meeting via zoom, accompany our children for homeschooling, and many reasons that make our body fat is uncontrolled. This is another reason a non-invasive Body Contouring procedure becomes a huge demand.

To get the best result of aesthetics trends in 2021 and all of these treatments, here are the best non-invasive procedures you can find at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic Bali:

Since the last decade, Botox and fillers have gained quite a popularity as some of the most requested non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. It has been predicted that the demand for these procedures will continue in 2021. When talking about neurotoxins (Botox), they are used in order to relax certain muscles underneath the skin, which results in less production of frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other facial lines. On the other hand, fillers are used in order to treat wrinkles and fine lines as well. Plus, they restore volume in different areas of the face where it’s needed, like eyes, jaws, and cheeks. Fillers are more commonly known to plump the lips as a raging trend. Fillers come in different types, depending on firmness, viscosity, texture, and other properties.

With fillers, a patient can see immediate results with no downtime. The patient leaves the clinic looking refreshed in just a short amount of time, which makes getting fillers an easy procedure. There can be minor swelling or redness of the skin at the injection site, but all of that will disappear in just a few days.

If you are already on a healthy lifestyle journey but need a little boost to get rid of stubborn flabby fat, you can certainly get the benefit from body contouring. There are various non-invasive technologies now being used to contour the body including Cryolipolysis, Exilis, and Vanquish. But which is better, and which body contouring procedure has the fastest results? Kindly schedule your appointment with the expert doctors for consultation for the best result and feedback. If you need to melt away those isolated areas of fat and get in shape with no worries, then Lumina’s non-invasive body contouring may be the ideal option for you. The combination of Hot and Cold procedures is safe and convenient, and there are no needles, scars, or downtime.

If we are so interested in healthier living habits during this pandemic, why not also taking care of our sexual health? At different stages of life, such as after giving birth or during menopause, women’s genitals can have uncomfortable problems that restrict daily life. Using intimate rejuvenation techniques in these cases helps to eliminate common problems such as urine leakage.

Exilis femme is the best solution to this ‘loose’ problem. You can get your confidence back with the miracles of this Radiofrequency treatment.

The intent of the ULTRA Femme 360 therapy is to elevate temperature over 40°C in the target tissue. Focused thermal energy disrupts old collagen fibers, thereby encouraging new ones to form. By stimulating collagen production and increasing blood flow, the ULTRA Femme 360 brings you the following benefits:
– Reduce Stress Incontinence

– Lift and Firm the Labia Minora

– Firm the Vaginal Canal

– Plump Up the Labia Majora

– Tighten the Perineum

– Improve Blood Flow to the Clitoris

There is absolutely no pain or irritation during the procedure, just a warm sensation.

Maskne, or mask acne is now a common problem during pandemics. It involves acne breakouts from wearing a face mask. Symptoms may include chafing and irritation, along with pimple-like bumps if you have rosacea or dermatitis.

Although maskne can be frustrating, it’s important to keep wearing face coverings during the pandemic. Regular face-washing, moisturizing, wearing the right type of mask, and changing the masks regularly may help prevent skin problems. But how about the scars? These 2 procedures are the most favorite to treat your acne scars.

Lumina Aesthetics Clinic Bali uses PRP treatments for this case. They are used for various purposes, such as facial rejuvenation, hair loss, and acne scarring. Both women and men have taken advantage of this aesthetic treatment when it comes to fighting the signs of aging or the appearance of an aging face, like fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, and scarring. Usually, it takes three weeks to notice an overall improvement in the skin’s texture, hydration, and tone.

Laser Fractional to Laser Pico is bespoke of laser are the latest technology. If you have atrophic acne scars Ablative lasers are the “gold standard” for the treatment of boxcar scars. Please note that there are two types of ablative lasers which are fractional ablative and fully resurfacing.

If fully ablative, CO2 lasers are best employed on lighter skin types. Fractional CO2 lasers have a higher safety profile than fully ablative lasers and can be used in all skin types. The downside of ablative lasers is the longer recovery times which can be up to 2 weeks. Redness following ablative lasers is a common side effect.

If there are red acne scars, it means macular acne scars which are commonly seen on the cheeks and forehead areas and present as red areas. They occur as a result of early acne scarring. This type of scarring can fade over 6 to 12 months without treatment however laser Pico treatment can sometimes hasten the resolution of scars. Several treatments are required for best results.

Laser hair removal is known as one of the highly popular laser cosmetic procedures in this world for its effectiveness, safety, and long-lasting results. In fact, both women and men are having these procedures done on their bodies. Since the grooming industry of men is continuously growing, the need to remove unwanted hair has increased in areas like the back of the chest.

People often go for laser hair removal for different reasons, whether it is for cosmetic purposes or an underlying condition, like hirsutism. This procedure works by gently damaging the hair follicle’s root that contains melanin, which is a component that gives the hair its dark or light color. The end result of this procedure is smoother skin that stays hair-free for a long period of time. Lumina Aesthetics Clinic Bali offers laser hair removal for different areas of the body like face, back, abdomen, bikini area, chest, knuckles, legs, breasts, underarms, buttocks, and feet.

What is treatment are you need at the moment?
If you’re considering a non-invasive aesthetic treatment but not sure what is right for your specific concerns, then speak to Lumina’s doctors. Through in-depth consultation, in person, or via a video call, Lumina’s doctors will work hard to understand your concerns, recommend the most effective treatments for your goals and answer any questions you may have. Send us a message to find out more and to book your consultation at +6281228888837.