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Bali New Tables: September 2022

It’s particularly easy to go on the hunt for places to dine, drink and be merry in Bali. Other than

Bali New Tables: June 2022

New venues can be found easily in Bali nowadays, despite the huge storm from the pandemic these past two years.

Bali New Tables: May 2022

Even before Bali starts opening back its doors to international travelers, we have seen significant growth in the F&B business

Bali New Tables: April 2022

Bali caters to all kinds of food lovers, from authentic to fusion, whatever it is you’re craving, Bali has it.

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Bali New Tables: February 2022

From coffee to homemade meals, satisfy your February cravings at these new joints. Bali is the perfect place for food


A new month has arrived and many new dining spots are popping all over the island. In light of Covid-19,


Take your time and enjoy Bali’s cool weather this July, try some of these coolest spots to mind off the

Bali New Tables: June 2021

Fill up your list of dining and hangout places in Bali with our new tables for June 2021. Some places

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