The Apurva Kempinski Bali and its partners have come together to inspire and seek ways of addressing the important topic of sustainability with another breakthrough at the resort, this time in the form of a Sustainable Wedding Package. To promote the activation of this movement, similar-minded key partners are invited. They are Designmill Co., SukkhaCitta, Puri Ata, Taga Woodcraft, Plaga Farm, Tanamera Coffee, and Balian Water.

Designmill Co. joined the project to lend its expertise by decorating the venue. Recycled paper papeteries, wooden chairs, and potted plants are utilized to decorate the venue, with hanging natural fabric and printed customized motifs. The event decorator has brought fashion label Kaeen, which is known for sharing Indonesian creativity through its fabric.

Another partner from the fashion industry is SukkhaCitta, an award-winning social enterprise that focuses on changing lives in rural Indonesia, who will be creating the wedding dress. This sustainable fashion has been recognized with a B-corp certification, which is exclusively bestowed on companies with social and environmental impact. Puri Ata and Taga Woodcraft provide their locally handmade crafts, as a sustainable wedding gift. For food and beverages, Plaga Farm has become the resort’s partner that demonstrates accountability for its people and environment. Similarly, other ingredients are sourced from local producers. Meanwhile, Tanamera Coffee and Balian Water are invited to participate, as brands that are committed to respecting the ecosystem and communities with which they work with their products.

Since opening on 1 February 2019, this iconic resort has been implementing a series of programmes. For example, the resort has been replacing single-use plastic, such as straws, with biodegradable products. The resort has also been using the rooftop space to grow various types of greens for a more sustainable kitchen in the resort. Plants are grown in a hydroponic and soil cultivation system. The Green Linen Artefact was introduced to the guests as a way to enhance their local experience, and reflect the true craftsmanship of Kempinski. In collaboration with Diversey, the ‘Linens for Life’ programme provides free face masks made from clean and hygienic discarded hotel linen to people in the local community who are in need. Meanwhile, the Soap for Hope programme provides at-risk people with access to soap, and information about how and when to use it. Soaps from the resort are cut and disinfected and pressed together to form new soap bars.

“By introducing new initiatives, we strongly believe that we can inspire people to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their daily lives,” General Manager Vincent Guironnet shared. “This becomes even greater when partners come together, generating new ways of thinking, and making a difference.”


Designmill Co. : Wedding Decorator

Designmill Co. has taken a unique approach to plan, focusing on intimate events for its clients. Elegant and functional with attention to detail every step of the way, this island-favourite wedding decorator has a vision that has evolved, and now the company focuses its efforts and energy on achieving more sustainable production.

In working their magic, Designmill Co. keeps three pillars in mind: minimising single-use items, focusing on upcycling and reusing items, and reducing their impact on mother Earth. Among their initiatives, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials are utilised, and local potted florals are prepared instead of fresh-cut flowers. By doing this, the company strive to reduce their CO2 admissions.

Fashion: SukkhaCitta

SukkhaCitta is an ethical fashion company wholly focused on empowerment, ethical and sustainable production and environmental responsibility, and this is reflected in how this corporation operates. More than just a fashion brand, this award-winning social enterprise incorporates three pillars into everything it does, which are empowering women, regenerating ecosystems and sustaining culture.

Crafts: Puri Ata & Taga Woodcraft

The outstanding craftsmanship of Puri Ata and Taga Woodcraft is the work of the local craftsmen in Bali. All of their products are handmade, creating a stable source of income for the craftsmen and their families.

For further information on the tailor-made Sustainable Wedding Package, please contact The Apurva Kempinski Bali’s Wedding Specialist at or +62 361 209 228.