Bali Paragon Resort Hotel has just launched new a la carte menu at the luxurious Tablespoon Coffee House. The brand new menu is a celebration both of the local flavors and the worldwide cuisine. However, all the dishes are driven by authentic and fresh ingredients.

During the launching event, we were able to taste eight highlighted a la carte menus. We were served with Indonesian specialties from across the archipelago and some international variants; Black Prawn Avocado Cucumber, Red Snapper Grilled Fish, Asam – Asam Iga Daun Kedondong, Portuguese Soup, Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk, Ayam Goreng Tahu Merah, Melted Chocolate Cake, and Trio Indonesian Crispy.

Portuguese Soup

Asam-Asam Iga Daun Kedondong really impressed us with the freshness of the ingredients and overall taste. It can become a great starter for your next dishes because the sour taste of the soup increases your appetite. Especially true when you are ordering other menus that are strong in flavor and using a lot of spices. Portuguese Soup is another highlight on our table. Fresh and flavorful seafood is combined with fragrant vegetables to create a soup with a clean taste.

Trio Indonesian Crispy

For dessert, the Melted Chocolate Cake will be your favorite if you prefer something classic. If you are feeling adventurous, Trio Indonesian Crispy can be a perfect choice. Take a bite of the authentic taste of crispy jackfruit, and savor the sweetness from the fried banana and sweet potato.

A selection of beverage, including wine, beer, and cocktail, are also provided to enhance your dining experience. For further information and reservation, contact [email protected] or call (0361) 472 5288.

Bali Paragon Resort Hotel
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