Following the completed renovations of the new SoleHouse, that also serves as the headquarters for Solemen Indonesia, we are proud to announce the launch of the Bali Dynasty Resort Care & Recovery Centre. The official opening of this facility took place on 24th August 2019 with the Solemen team including Robert Epstone, Co-Founder, Sarah Chapman, Head of Outreach, Mr. Mangku Made, President Solemen Indonesia several SoleBuddies and other supporting volunteers in attendance. Bali Dynasty Resorts Management Team and Didit Indra the General Manager were also present for this milestone occasion, which included a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony led by our resident Hindu priest, Mr.Winata.

With support from their loyal guests and their generous donations, Bali Dynasty Resort has been able to establish and sponsor the Bali Dynasty Resort Care & Recovery Centre. This care facility replicates a nurturing home environment that provides the necessary assistance and resources required to keep families together before, during, and after medical treatment. The centre will be fully operated by Solemen Indonesia, a non-profit charity foundation. It is expected to greatly benefit Bali’s poor and their respective family members who live far from the hospital and are in need of intensive medical care. The Bali Dynasty Resort Care & Recovery Centre will cover all basic needs as a place to eat, sleep, bathe and rest during the whole pre and post-operative treatment process.

The Bali Dynasty Resort Care & Recovery Centre features 10 bedrooms, four shared bathrooms, one intensive care room with a shower facility, a kid’s playground, snooze room and living room. There is also a communal kitchen and a laundry area with washing machines, running water and electricity.

Through our ‘Helping Friends for Life’ initiative, Bali Dynasty Resort is committed to the continued well-being of more than 100 disadvantaged men, women, and children across the island of Bali. Together with Solemen Indonesia, a Bali-based charity organisation, our guests’ contributions have allowed to us to fund life-saving operations and medical care, provide equipment for the physically disabled, and much more.

They’d like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity in supporting all of our worthwhile charity projects.