Fascinated by the richness of local coffee sources, Meliá Bali is proudly introducing its freshly opened coffee lounge, Kopi Petani. Surrounded by the tropical breeze of Nusa Dua coastline, this place offers an exceptional experience beyond enjoying an ordinary coffee and little cakes in the afternoon.

The coffee lounge which sets in a little bamboo hut surrounded by the beach vibes presents the finest Arabica green cherries hand-cropped by local farmers, in Kintamani, Bali. Together with Indonesia’s award-winning coffee roastery, Tanamera, Kopi Petani made their best to spoil everyone’s palate by serving good selections of local Bali coffee.

Every piece of coffee bean has been carefully selected and roasted under a precise temperature, to bring a perfect bursting authentic aroma of local coffee grown on the land of Indonesia.

Meliá Bali and Tanamera shared the same commitment to eliminate 15% of global CO2 emissions ended up damaging our precious earth caused by transportation. Therefore, green beans and all other precious materials are obtained only from and to the island, to support the ‘0 KM’ movement.

Find yourself relax between the sips of Kopi Petani’s signature coffees. Take a seat amid the ocean’s soft blows while finding some balances through a favorite book on your hand and selections of pastries and cakes.

Not to mention, enjoying the coffee at Kopi Petani also means that you are contributing to conserving the environment.