Hidden from the street, BLANCO par Mandif is a gastronomy gem that will impress ones who able find them. It shines through because of its passion and craftsmanship in redefining Indonesian cuisine. Serving a degustation style fine dining experience, guests can sample colorful tastes that belong uniquely to the archipelago.
We are lucky to be invited to the opulent restaurant to savor the seven courses menu this July. Finding the place is an adventure of its own. Accompanied by the cool Ubud breeze, we walked under the night sky and went down through a stair to a cozy welcoming room. The friendly staffs led us through another sturdy door, and we found ourselves surrounded by an elegant interior and admirable decor, dominated by white.

BLANCO Par Mandif is a creation of renowned Chef Mandif Warokka, who is passionate in nurturing the nature and culture through his cooking. The kitchen uses the freshest ingredients, which some left untouched until it arrives on your plates. The restaurant also sources locally from all across Bali Island, from Jimbaran Bay to the Kintamani Hills.
Since the kitchen serves the best of the seasons, the menu often changes. We were in treats for some seasonal vegetables and beautiful proteins magically turned into refined dishes. At the start of our journey, we were served with Long Bean Kimchi with delicious Sambal Roa. Despite its name, the sambal is not spicy because it uses needlefish (roa) as the main ingredient. It accompanied by a simple but refreshing Pickled Jicama.

The menu continues with heaver and more complicated dishes. Different proteins with distinctive Indonesian spices and sauces were introduced to us. Some of them sound and taste alien, even to us as locals. Yet all of them highlight the freshness of the ingredients and the skill of the chefs who had cooked them perfectly.

The Smoked Octopus, for example, is a result of hours of dedication. The octopus was boiled for three hours, then smoked with coconut husk and grilled. It has to go through the long process to achieve a crispy texture while maintaining the tenderness in the inside. The dish is completed by brenebon emulsion, a kidney bean soup with spices, and parsley cream to balance them all.
Besides the octopus, we were also served Yellow Fin Tuna, Cakalang Hand-Pulled Noodles, Tiger Prawn, Barbequed Lamb Rack “Bumbu Kecap”, Tokusen Wagyu, and Red Snapper. We were happy to listen to the staff telling us more about the dish. Not only gaining knowledge about the ingredients, we could also understand cultural points and the story behind each one of them.

At last, dessert time! We were excited to be served personally by the dessert chef, our childhood snacks which originated from Yogyakarta, Getuk Lindri. The main ingredient is cassava, but at Blanco Par Mandif, it is served with raspberry jelly, lemon cui sorbet, red bean espuma, and pine nut crumbs. Scoop them together, and you have made yourself a playground of flavors and texture.
After the course, we could take our time with a glass of tea or coffee. Both taste excellent as a calm epilogue. For the tea, the staff will bring the tea cart directly to the table, where you can pick your favorite mix.
The memorable culinary journey has brought us to the point of jubilation. It is fun, impactful, sophisticated, rich, and most of all relaxing. Despite being one of the top fine dining restaurants in Bali, the place is surprisingly full of warmth and friendly. Not only to impress, it is ultimately a great place to enjoy each other company.

BLANCO par Mandif offers 7 Courses to 9 Courses menu with optional beverage pairing. The restaurant also serves beautifully made cocktails and a selection of premium wine to accompany your food.
BLANCO Par Mandif
Jalan Raya Tjampuhan
Museum Blanco Complex
Ubud-Gianyar, Bali
Tel. 0361 4792284
Whatsapp. 0812 7777 3000
Email. info@blancoparmandif.com
Visit their website for more information https://www.blancoparmandif.com