We’ve heard about Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, a humble castle up the hill and its fabulous beach club. We’ve been told about its breakfast experience that fit for a King.

Little did we know that English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran actually wrote a song about this abode.

At least, that’s what the General Manager told us.


Brad Edman

What is the next step for hotel industry giant Marriott? Will the acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality by Hyatt influence your company’s next move?

Marriott’s vision is to be the world’s favorite travel company and provide our guests with a seamless experience from pre-arrival through to departure. Loyalty, innovation and getting the basics right, both today and in the future, will continue to play a major role in the business we conduct, while taking great care of our people will always be our culture. That is something our competitors cannot copy.

What are the key differences when comparing Indonesia’s hospitality industry (Bali) to places you’ve worked before?

Bali is all about tourism, its people and the local culture. These three elements make Bali a different place to work and operate a business.  Places such as Thailand, Cambodia, Australia and India, for example, all have tourism. However, this is the number one industry for Bali, and its amazing people. Bali is still a developing hospitality market with a large portion of the inbound business still coming through traditional channels. I feel this will change overtime and that the market needs to be far more savvy with technology.

What are the current challenges in Bali?

Supply continues to increase at a rapid pace, as does the volume of low cost, economy travellers. Like all other businesses, hotels need to be profitable. There needs to be a stronger industry focus on bringing in sustainable business- customers who come and spend in restaurants, bars, the local shops and other businesses.

Is there another industry that the hotel industry can learn from?

I feel that we could learn a great deal from luxury retail brands that sell on experiences, loyalty and that don’t encourage customers to keep on bargaining for a better price. Hotels, like luxury goods, should have a price point and deliver an experience at that price point.

In today’s digital era everything moves at a fast pace. Is there something you believe should stay conventional in this industry?

Good, old fashioned service. No technology can replace delivering an amazing, friendly and efficient service. I also feel that relationships between brands, business leaders and their customers and leaders, and their staff, can become even more important in the future. All the digital devices and technology can never replace that.

How does Renaissance Bali Uluwatu contribute in terms of sustainability and environmental issues?

We have processes in place for all areas of the business. For example, we have a system that helps focus on reducing energy and water usage, and programs to reduce food waste. We are currently in talks with partners and vendors to reduce plastic usage in the hotels.

What is the most memorable lesson you’ve learned from your staff/guests and how do you implement that today at Ren?

 A great manager cannot manage from sitting in an office. They need to walk the entire business, talk to the guests and ask them about their experiences. Ask associates about their experience and act of such feedback.

A great manager rolls up their sleeves and gets their hands dirty. They need to know how the business works and always look for better ways to do things.

Name three people guests should meet when staying at the Ren? 

Our Chef. Chris is always smiling and loves what he does. Push him hard! Kaca is our F&B Manager. She loves a good chat and is one of the most helpful and caring people on our team. Bazuki from our bell desk is adored by guests as he is very hepful, as they do Laura from our front office. And I know you’ve only asked for three.

Three things guests should experience at the Ren?

Sunset cocktails at the R Bar – it’s our lobby bar. The views are amazing. Or spend the day at Roosterfish Beach Club at Pandawa. It’s our very own beach club and guests love chilling out by the pool and the ocean, and eating what I regard as the best pizzas in Bali. Also, our breakfast buffet in Clay Craft Restaurant- it is the best there is in Bali, and perhaps all of Asia. The views from the main infinity pool and, of course, our team of friendly, caring ambassadors that love what they do.

What can we expect from the Ren during the next six months?

Given we have only been open for six months, it will only get better as we walk through each guest’s insights and stories and ensure we are delivering the basics, and delivering them with a smile, and consistently high quality. That is where the magic happens.

Do GMs ever take time off?

Of course!  A good work/life balance is critical to anyone’s success! I love my golf and lots of laughter with friends. A cold beer at my local beach at sunset, weekends away with my wife and two crazy boys to Bedugal or Lembogan, and we love eating out. Or simply sitting in a local warung talking nonsense, while eating our favorite Indonesian food.

If the Ren were a Rock star, who would it be and why?

Ed Sheeran, because the Ren is the “Castle on the hill.”

Social media: friend or foe?

Everyone is an expert. Must be our friend.

Boxing or golf? Why?

Boxing for when things don’t go to plan. Golf is a reward when everything does.

Rock concerts or movie festivals? Why?

Movie festivals, as variety is the spice of life.

If you were not in the hotel industry, where would you be and why?

A professional golfer, as it is my passion and I love being outside, laughing with friends.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa| Jl. Pantai Balangan I No.1, Ungasan, Bali| +62 361 2003588|www.marriott.com