“Happy” by Pharell Williams plays in her mind as Bennath Evea talks to What’s New Indonesia about a day in the life at The Stones Legian.


Bennath Evea- The Stones, Legian

How’s Bali treating you so far?

The mix of cultures, the people, and the food are treating me well. Plus seeing the blue sky every day is pretty awesome too.

What is the biggest challenge in the hotel industry, and facing Bali?

It is to keep up with the fast pace that trends change, especially with the impact of social media. Guests are constantly looking for something new to experience, or to simply photograph. The good thing is that tourism is the key focus here on the island, making it easier for hotels to continuously update their offerings and experiences.

What are the key differences when you compare Indonesia’s hospitality industry to other places you’ve worked before?

This is my first time working in a resort. Previously I have always worked in city hotels so this is a huge change for me – a different customer group with different needs and preferences. I would say that the service here in Indonesia is truly from the heart, and seems to be part of the local culture – I believe that’s why people keep returning.

In today’s digital era, what do you think should stay conventional in the industry?

I believe that the service basics should never be compromised and that associates and guests come first. We can spend time working on concepts or pictures on social media but get too carried away in the process and forget about the true meaning of hospitality. Getting 1000 likes on a picture doesn’t mean anything if your guests are unhappy.

What is the most inspiring story you’ve heard from your team member(s) that you retell?

I worked for a GM who had been with Marriott for 41 years. He was able to remember the name of every associate (there were 800+ associates) and constantly picked up litter from the floor.  He was a great inspiration to me.

What is The Stones hotel’s role in helping Bali face its waste problem?

Our most recent initiative was to ban plastic and take away cutlery.  We are working on sustainable food packaging and also an initiative to reduce plastic water bottles. We also partnered up with a local charity called SOS to whom we donate surplus food; they then distribute it to other areas of Bali in need.  We also do monthly beach cleaning.

The Stones Legian

We heard about your New Year’s Eve Party, and how it was the first time to be held as an outdoor event. What other surprises can we expect this year?

We’re finalizing plans for an Australia Day Backyard BBQ. We would love to also host a pool party and re-launch our signature restaurant Big Fish Bar & Grill.

Three experiences guests should not miss when staying at The Stones?

The Stones’ Nasi Goreng is amazing! Breakfast in the tub on your balcony is also an extraordinary experience. Good for those keep looking for something new. Also, the Hot Stone Massage at our Spa.

Staff that guests need to meet at The Stones, other than the GM or Executive Chef? And why?

Chef Bagiarta at breakfast. He makes delicious Indonesian food and is also a collector of Volkswagen cars. He’s a very interesting person to chat with.

Botak at the pool bar who is an amazing mixologist – he can create wonderful cocktails based on your mood, and any one of our therapists. They have magic hands!

If you were not in the hotel industry, what would you be doing?

If I could own a small café and bake and serve home cooked food that would be my first choice. My second choice? I always wanted to be a Private Investigator!

Can you describe a day’s life at The Stones with a song or movie?

The “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams. Everyone here loves what they do and is proud of their job. Even on a very busy day, the team is still smiling and they still find enough time to laugh and have fun.


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