Tanaman’s innovative culinary concept is now open inside the new OMA-designed Potato Head Studios. The menu pays tribute to the family kitchens, street vendors and warungs across the archipelago, merging familiar flavors with progressive techniques.

The inspiration behind Tanaman was derived from the native plants of Indonesia, which have powered the islands for centuries, filling plates, healing ailments and nourishing millions. The produce used in all of the dishes is sourced directly from a handful of small, spray-free farms in Bali’s interior and the chefs have drawn on their fondest childhood memories to create a menu that reflects Indonesia’s ancient culture, which is heavily connected to Mother Earth.

Dishes are refined and nostalgic: a creative, plant-based take on Indonesia’s most loved comfort food. Some are recognizable classics, others have been slightly reimagined to showcase vegetarian cooking in a fresh light, steering away from soy-based proteins and playing with the versatility of roots, pulses, fruits, and fungi. Drinks, created by the talented in-house mixology team, showcase Indonesia’s rich umbrella of health tonics, juices, and fermentations created from native flora and fauna.

Standout dishes from Executive Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa and his team include interesting twists on classics, like Bajagor (Bakso Jamur Goreng) coined by the team as a botanical take on Batagor (a traditional West Javanese fried dumpling dish, usually made with mackerel). These crispy dumplings are made with field mushrooms and served with a peanut and sweet soy sauce.

The hero dish on the Tanaman menu is Rendang Nangka (Jackfruit Rendang), which sees young jackfruit caramelized and braised in coconut milk for 16 hours. The fibrous nature of the jackfruit reaches a tender, melt-in-your-mouth consistency, surprisingly similar to pulled beef used in the original spicy and flavourful West Sumatran dry curry.

Delicious desserts complete the dining experience, such as Bubur Sumsum —a sweet and creamy yet refreshing porridge, covered in coconut sorbet with coconut nectar drizzled on top—which sparks childhood memories for our chefs of eating it at home either for breakfast or after school as an afternoon snack.

Tanaman’s menu of earthy ingredients is juxtaposed with a bold dining experience within the interior of the restaurant. Located on the ground floor of the Desa’s new Potato Head Studios, the dome-shaped space draws guests into a futuristic environment of reflective floors and neon lighting, while a large central bar and the open kitchen add to the ambiance.

Tanaman will mark the first step towards a plant-based philosophy for the group. As culinary trends head in a more conscious, health-forward and sustainable direction, Tanaman is the perfect clash of old meets new: traditional recipes from the past, meeting techniques, philosophies and interiors of the future.

Tanaman at Desa Potato Head
Jl. Petitenget No.51B Seminyak, Bali
Open daily from 6pm to 12am
IG @tanamanrestaurant