The ONE Legian held a piodalan ceremony which fell on Purnama Kesanga on Tuesday, February 19 2019 ago, as a form of gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa for His help and gifts and had done the Sekala and Niskala customs.

A series of events were carried out on this day such as mebat since early morning, gebogan competition and fashion show competition for Balinese outfit, which was at tended by six departments from The ONE Legian, continued with Rejang dance from The ONE Legian’s staff as a symbol of welcome to God, lunch with media partner as one of the invitee, and ended with Dharma Wacana for The ONE Legian’s employee by Ida Mas Dalem Segara who is also the initiator (Pemuput) of the ceremony.

The presence of Ida Mas Dalem Segara became an attraction for the employees of The ONE Legian, he became an inspirational figure because he succeeded in proving that young age is not a matter of being purified. Proben by his sincerity, Ida Mas Dalem Segara, able to prove his ability to become Sulinggih at the age of 23 years.

In line with the experience passed, at the Dharma Wacana Ida Mas Dalem Segara brought the theme “Bekerja Ikhlas Dari hati”. Ida Mas Dalem Segara explained how hard it must be to run the fate of being a Sulinggih. For him, being Sulinggih is not an easy matter. It is need commitment, responsibility with a sense of sincerity in faith. The principle of ngayah, activates is vital in carrying out its role as a Sulinggih. Sulinggih, he continued, logically means a warrior. Ngayah for the God, worship, and serve the community.

This is what he tries to associate with wherever and whatever our work, we need to deliver with a full since rely and responsibly. A hesitation in doing work must have come, but it is important for us to find one big target that is able to brush aside any negative feelings and even the other person’s opinion that discourages us.